30No Man's Sky

Release Date: June 2016

Platform: PlayStation 4, PC

There's an infinite universe out there, just waiting to be explored. That's the premise behind No Man's Sky, a massive adventure game from the people at Hello Games. Players enter an open, procedurally generated universe and are encouraged to simply explore. Those explorers

can visit a variety of planets and discover alien wildlife, submitting the data to the game's universal Atlas. Additionally, players can find upgrade materials and improve their ships and weapons, increasing the chances of surviving in a hostile alien environment.

While No Man's Sky's universe isn't technically infinite (there are only approximately 18.4 quintillion planets) there's plenty of content in the game to keep a player busy for the rest of their lives.  Couple the premise with the persistent rumors of PlayStation VR compatibility and there's no doubt that this game will make a mark in 2016.

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