'Mortal Kombat X': Predator Poster Released; Gameplay Described

Mortal Kombat X Predator poster and details

NetherRealm Studios' latest fighting video game, Mortal Kombat Xreleased back in April and it received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Thanks to solid gameplay and each combatant having three very different variations to choose from, many players are still enjoying the game's competitive modes and its various challenge towers. One other thing which has helped give the game more life is the Kombat Pack, Mortal Kombat X's first wave of downloadable content - which includes four new fighters and several new skins for the various characters in the roster.

Two DLC combatants, Jason Voorhees and Tanya, have already been released. Predator, the iconic alien hunter, will be the next new fighter to enter Mortal Kombat X's bloody arena. To help get players even more excited for the popular extraterrestrial's arrival, a poster of the Predator and one of Jax's new skins - which turns him into Carl Weather's character from Predator - have been released.

Ed Boon, NetherRealm Studio's creative director, shared the promotional picture of the Predator. It should come as no surprise the developers did the classic movie icon justice, creating a character model that stays very true to the source material. Based on the poster alone, no standout new defining features can be spotted and the Predator appears to be sporting a helmet which is very inspired by the creature's original design.

However, it's worth noting each character in the game has three variations and all three variations have slightly different designs. That means there will be three different character models and thanks to some gameplay being posted (which has now been removed), it revealed that one variation won't wear a helmet like the one featured below, allowing everyone to see the Predator's ugly mug during the entire fight.

Predator Mortal Kombat X

Unofficially released gameplay showed variations which allow the Predator to throw his smart-discs and proximity mines to set traps; activate his cloaking device; use the wrist blades for a violent throw; utilize the combi-stick for a rush; fire the shoulder cannon at different ranges (far, close, and straight across the map); and use self destruct mechanism to create a small explosion around himself - injuring his opponent but leaving him unharmed.  Much of this is exactly what players were expecting - and thanks to a solid variety of melee and projectile attacks, it's looking like Predator should be a solid addition to the game.

One fatality has the Predator impaling his target in the torso with the wrist blade, lifting the defeated enemy, and then shoving a smart-disc right into their forehead. As their lifeless body falls to the ground, the top portion of the head detaches.  If the Predator doesn't perform a fatality, he still rips out the opponent's spine and then adds the skull to his trophy room. So, even if you fail to activate a fatality, you still technically kill your enemy in a pretty horrifying manner.

In a twisted way, it's good to know they reserved the Predator's signature spine rip move for his victory scene. While it's still a gruesome way to defeat someone, it's surprisingly tame compared to all of the over-the-top violence that Mortal Kombat X has to offer. Maybe the second fatality will have a more elaborate take on the classic move. (Interesting little fact: Predator served as the inspiration for Sub-Zero's fatality in the very first Mortal Kombat game.)

Jax Carl Weathers Mortal Kombat X

Along with Predator, there will be four new skins. They're Carl Weathers for Jax, Infrared Scorpion (which is inspired by the vision mode Predator uses to hunt humans), commando for Johnny Cage (inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator costume), and Scorpion's "klassic" skin. The developers also included a little bit of fan service if commando Cage and Weather's Jax square off. Right after the two are selected and the stage is picked, Cage says, "You son of a b****," they then lock hands and begin to test each others' strength. Obviously, this is a nod to the first time we see Schwarzenegger and Weathers' characters meet in Predator.

Mortal Kombat X's Predator will be available for download sometime in July. Based on the pricing of the previous downloadable content, Predator will cost $4.99 and the skin pack will cost $3.99.

Source: Ed Boon, Kotaku

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