Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack 2 DLC Gameplay Trailer

Mortal Kombat X's Kombat Pack 2 DLC gameplay trailer features Leatherface, Xenomorph, and others joining the title's mortal fray.

Following the unveiling of Mortal Kombat X's latest characters to be added by developer NetherRealm Studios and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, at The Game Awards 2015, players of the ever popular fighting game likely know by now who the latest Kombatants to join the mortal fray in the title's impending Kombat Pack 2 will be. To reiterate, the next batch of series newcomers will include Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Xenomorph from Alien, as well as franchise originals Triborg and Bo'Rai Cho.

The news of the inclusion of such star players from their respective independent properties in the latest batch of new downloadable content for the game is likely to be met with plenty of eager appraisal from players, and the latest gameplay trailer offers plenty of reason to get excited about said fighters.

In the footage feature above, NetherRealm features each of the aforemention characters' unique playing styles, with Leatherface predictably hacking and slashing with an inherently feral menace, the Xenomorph sleekly making mincemeat of its repsective prey, and Triborg and Bo'Rai Cho appropriately situating themselves within the gruesome world of Mortal Kombat X. In addition to the four star players already discussed, those who purchase Kombat Pack 2 will also receive the brand new Apocalypse Pack, featuring series regular Goro as a playable character, and several new character skins to play with.

See the list below for a more detailed summary of the contents of the attendant Apocalypse Pack:

  • Goro - The feral, four-armed Shokan warrior will be available as a playable combatant.
  • Apocalypse Pack - The Apocalypse Pack features three new character skins, reimagining characters Takeda, D’Vorah and Erron Black with an apocalyptic theme.
  • Brazil Pack - The Brazil Pack features three new character skins: Futbol Cage, Capoeira Liu Kang and Gaucho Kung Lao.
  • Kold War Pack - The Kold War Pack includes three new character skins: Motherland Sonya, Tundra Sub-Zero and Revolution Kano.
  • Kold War Scorpion - Kold War-themed Scorpion character skin.

With the release of Kombat Pack 2, players of the NetherRealm title will likely have even more reason to keep playing the tenth proper installment in the long-running fighting game franchise. And with the addition of fellow horror movie icons and monsters Leatherface and the Xenomorph to a roster of playable characters that already includes the likes of Jason Voorhees and the Predator, movie fans will have even more reason to pick up the title if they haven't done so already.

As Mortal Kombat X continues to enjoy the praise lauded onto it from players and critics alike, NetherRealm will likely continue to make a substantial amount of money from players who are eager to play the game as the latest batch of characters to see inclusion in the title's roster of fighters. Despite the cancellation of the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it would appear as though players who own the respective next-gen versions of the game are likely in for a treat with the release of Kombat Pack 2.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available to purchase from all participating retailers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WBIE

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