New Mortal Kombat X Characters To Be Revealed At The Game Awards

Scorpion Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X, the best-selling and critically acclaimed tenth installment in the video game franchise is already a contender for official decoration at The Game Awards of 2015. Furthermore, the impending announcement of the game's Kombat Pack 2, which is set to feature four additional characters not restricted to the Mortal Kombat universe, will only further player engagement with the title going forward.

The only information that could be gleaned up until now about the four new playable characters was an ambiguous promotional image released by NetherRealm creative director and series co-creator Ed Boon on Twitter. Now, the same source has divulged when potential kombatants can expect to see the official unveiling.

Taking to Twitter once more earlier this afternoon, Boon declared the four characters soon to enter the fray in NetherRealm's latest arcade-influenced fighter will be revealed at The Game Awards 2015 later this week. Using the official award show's logo with the Mortal Kombat logo underneath, and text reading, "Who's next," players the world over can expect to find out who they can look forward to disemboweling next this Thursday.

See the original Twitter post below:

Really looking forward to attending @thegameawards on Thursday with the exclusive reveal of "Who's Next" in MKX !!

— Ed Boon (@noobde) November 30, 2015

Just who might be joining the ranks of NetherRealm's sadistic battlefield next, and which contenders might be returning, is still unknown. It would be nice to see the return of a fan favorite or two, like Baraka or Smoke, though the introduction of another Horror movie icon to join the likes of Jason Voorhees would not be unwelcome either.

With the passing of actor Gunnar Hansen still on many moviegoers minds, it would be intriguing to see Leatherface enter the NetherRealm original property for the first time. Then again, perhaps the Joker may yet reenter the historically bloodied fray, and perhaps in even better shape than he previously appeared in Injustice: Gods Among Us. 

Whoever next takes their place alongside their fellow brutalizing opponents, fans of the series can stay tuned for the official announcement during the live broadcast of The Game Awards 2015, and find out for themselves.

Mortal Kombat X is available to purchase from all participating retailers for PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC.

Source: Ed Boon

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