Leatherface and Alien Xenomorph Joining Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X, the latest installment in the long-running fighting-game series, launched earlier this year to critical acclaim. Developer NetherRealm Studios is credited with reinvigorating the franchise that their team created in the early '90s, delivering solid combat mechanics and one of the best story modes of any fighting games in recent memory.

The game was honored at tonight's Game Awards 2015, taking home the prize for the best fighting game of the year. Leading up to the show, NeatherRealm has been teasing the reveal of the characters included in the impending Kombat Pack #2. This second batch of DLC will include four new characters for the game.

NetherRealm followed through on their promise, announcing additions to the game via the above trailer. Classic character Bo Rai Cho will be returning to the series, alongside Tri-borg, a new cyborg character that combines previous combatants Cyrax, Sektor, and Robot Smoke into one character. Longtime fans of the series will be glad to see Bo Rai Cho finally return to the series, having only been seen in a cameo in Mortal Kombat (2011).

Mortal Kombat X Xenomorph Leatherface

The other two characters follow the same path charted by Kombat Pack #1, introducing two characters from outside of Mortal Kombat lore. Joining the previously released Jason Voorhees and Predator are two fairly comparable characters: Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. Both new characters fit well with the franchise's violent gameplay and over-the-top gore.

Leatherface is seen wielding his trademark chainsaw in the trailer, delivering a brutal fatality in the cinematic. The Xenomorph has been adapted for the series, wielding twin blades from its wrists. This is explained by having the alien burst from the chest of a member of the Tarkatan race, who are known for their demonic visages and organic wrist blades.

With all of the attention currently focused on Mortal Kombat, we're left wondering what is happening with NeatherRealm's other fighting franchise -- Injustice: Gods Among Us. The sequel to the hit DC Comics fighting game is reportedly in development at the studio, but no official release date has been revealed. With the launch of the latest Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, interest in the DC characters is currently at a high point. Hopefully the studio has another surprise announcement in store for The Game Awards 2015.

Source: NetherRealm

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