Mortal Kombat Fan Art Imagines Michael Fassbender as Raiden

Raiden Mortal Kombat

New fan art by BossLogic imagines Michael Fassbender as Mortal Kombat’s Raiden. Raiden was introduced in the original Mortal Kombat as the protector of Earthrealm, and has appeared in just about every entry of the video game series. Christopher Lambert (Highlander) took on the role in 1995’s Mortal Kombat movie after Danny Glover was considered. Lambert’s lack of martial arts skills turned the character into less of a fighter and more of a sage mentor, and Lambert brought a wry sense of humor to the part.

While Mortal Kombat is considered one of the better video game to movie adaptations, the sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is regarded as one of the very worst. The follow-up decided to jam as many of the characters from the game into the story as it could, and a combination of bad writing, acting, dull fight sequences and cheap looking sets made it something of a chore. Lambert wasn’t available to reprise Raiden either, with the part going to James Remar (Dexter). While Remar is a fine performer, he felt miscast in the part and lacked the charisma Lambert brought to it.

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The response to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation killed that iteration of the series, and despite numerous attempts over the years, a movie reboot has yet to happen. Fan artist BossLogic has recently been busy creating images that show Keanu Reeves as Kensei and Terry Crews as Jax, and now he’s posted Michael Fassbender as the God of Thunder himself Raiden.

While Fassbender’s name has never been attached to a potential Mortal Kombat movie, it’s hard to imagine a stronger choice to take over the Raiden part. Terry Crews recently reacted to the Jax artwork, and needless to say, loved the idea of playing the role. It seems the planned R-rated Mortal Kombat film reboot is in limbo, with James Wan (Aquaman) departing the production as he didn’t feel the script or budget reached a level he felt was needed. Simon McQuaid is currently attached as director. Wan also confirmed he’s not attached to the Resident Evil movie reboot, despite reports stating otherwise.

Raiden has appeared as a character in just about every Mortal Kombat game, and he returns once more for Mortal Kombat 11. The character was featured in a spectacularly gory trailer for the game, where he fights – and loses to – Scorpion. There’s also an unconfirmed report Joel McHale and Jennifer Carpenter are lending their voices to a Mortal Kombat animated movie from WB Animation, who previously worked on projects like Batman: The Killing Joke.

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Source: BossLogic

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