'Mortal Kombat: Legacy' Interviews: Jeri Ryan & Michael Jai White

Jery Ryan Michael jai White Inteview

The Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series premiered last week to an overwhelmingly positive fan reaction. The video is quickly surpassing five million views and Warner Bros. has announced plans to release the series on television and DVD in addition to the initial web distribution.

Director Kevin Tancharoen, whose self-produced trailer/pitch Mortal Kombat: Rebirth inspired Warner Bros. to develop the longer form web series, brought back both Jeri Ryan (Star Trek) and Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) to reprise their roles as Sonya Blade and Jax, respectively.

We recently had the chance to speak with the stars about their individual roles and what we can expect from the series as a whole at the Los Angeles press event for Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Jai White is a long standing fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise and had a strong sense of who Jax was coming into the project, while Ryan offers her perspective on what Legacy has to offer those who may not come from a gaming background. Ryan also gives some insight into what she hopes for from a role as a female working in genre web, television and film, while Jai White teases some updates on the possibilities for audiences to see more of Black Dynamite in the future (in addition to the cartoon series).

Ultimately, both actors share the hopes that the series will do well enough to encourage the studio to move forward with the development of a feature film reboot of Mortal Kombat with this creative team behind it.

Take a look at the full video interviews with Ryan and Jai White below:

Jeri Ryan Interview:


Michael Jai White Interview:


Make sure to check out our interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen and original game creator Ed Boon; and stay tuned for the next episode of Legacy tomorrow.

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