Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8 – Scorpion & Sub Zero (Part 2)

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Director Kevin Tancharoen has found some solid momentum in the final episodes of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. His Mortal Kombat: Rebirth-esque Raiden episode drew mostly positive reactions from fans - despite a number of liberties that may have been difficult for MK purists to swallow.

Then, one week later Mortal Kombat: Legacy returned with arguably the most highly-anticipated episode of the series (rivaled only by the premier), part one of the iconic battle between Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Now we're getting a look at part two.

While some fans may have been a bit let-down by the lack of action in last week's episode, part one of the Scorpion versus Sub-Zero plotline, there's not doubt that the two fan-favorite characters looked great - delivering on the earlier teaser images (which featured Scorpion walking in the forest and Sub-Zero in a pre-fight stance). Additionally, despite a heavy-reliance on subtitling (which was apparently off-putting to some viewers), the episode successfully presented the origin of the pair's iconic rivalry - while staying true to each character's portrayal in the MK canon.

This week, viewers are treated to the aftermath of that rivalry. Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8 below:


Fans will undoubtedly be excited for the events portrayed in episode eight of the series - as the installment picks-up right where the prior one left-off and finally delivers the long-awaited fight between the two rival assassins (as well as a surprise cameo).

Some die-hard fans of the game series will fault Tancharoen for some of the liberties he's taken in Mortal Kombat: Legacy but it'd be difficult to question the director's passion and reverence for the MK characters. No matter which fan-favorite fighter you prefer, both characters get some serious time to shine this round.

While Tancharoen may have felt most at home in the gritty real-world setting of the Jax, Sonya, and Kano episodes as well as the recent Raiden-centric story, there's no denying that the director also delivers in this genre sample - with an entertaining nod to modern Japanese filmmaking. Certainly some of the styles that Tancharoen has tried-out in the series run were more successful than others - but, if nothing else, he's definitely given his audience an interesting set of lenses through-which to view the franchise.

Will episodes 9 and 10 (featuring cyber-initiative ninjas Cyrax and Sektor), the last pairing in season one of the series, be Tancharoen's Michael Bay-esque action-finale?

As an added bonus, be sure to check out the satirical feature "Mortal Kombat: How It Should Have Ended" uploaded at Machinima. Let's just hope Tancharoen manages to tie-up season one of Mortal Kombat: Legacy better than this:


Until the next Mortal Kombat: Legacy installment airs, if you're new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up - then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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