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For some Mortal Kombat: Legacy fans, the last couple episodes have been somewhat of a let-down. While some viewers enjoyed the animation-heavy installments that followed the exploits of Kitana and Mileena, others had hoped for a greater focus on live-action fighting.

With Outworld and Edenia behind us, and only four episodes left in the season 1 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, director Kevin Tancharoen has saved a number of fan-favorite characters for the home stretch. This week - God of Thunder, Thor... I mean Raiden.

One of the primary questions surrounding Mortal Kombat: Legacy, as a result of its gritty real-world roots in the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth shortfilm, is whether or not Tancharoen will be able to successfully balance both the real world and fantastical realms featured in the game series.

We got a taste of the director's vision for the fantasy-based elements in the aforementioned Kitana and Mileena episodes 4 and 5. Unfortunately, the installments relied on hand-drawn animation to convey some of the more supernatural elements. In moderation, the animated sequences were great - and managed to disseminate an incredible amount of Outworld and Edenia backstory with an exposition-heavy voice-over. However, if the series returned to animation every time Warner Bros. didn't want to pay for a CGI shot - there's no doubt that many fans would feel as if the first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy was subsequently fading into mediocrity - instead of the high-profile, in your-face, action series that seemed to be promised at the outset.

Fortunately, tonight's episode is a return to form for the series - featuring fan-favorite Elder God, Raiden. Not only does the character enjoy some cool CGI effects - the installment swings the real-world versus fantasy-based elements (i.e. lightning powers), closer to the Rebirth format.

Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 6 below:


While the fundamental plot-point behind how Raiden got stuck in a mental hospital isn't exactly made clear, there's no doubt that the episode should be especially pleasing to Rebirth fans. At the very least, viewers who enjoy the more traditional episodes, will also enjoy a number of iconic moments in the episode.

On a side note, the episode also solves the mystery of Blue, a character that Tancharoen teased in a pre-release image with the caption: "Blue is not Kitana" - leaving many fans to wonder when the character would pop-up and how she would fit into the Legacy narrative.

Until the next installment airs, if you're new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up - then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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