15 Mortal Kombat Kharacters We Would All Get It On With

Mortal Kombat probably is not the first franchise you think of when picturing attractive game characters. The games are well-known for their brutal injuries, and featuring characters ranging from cyborgs to demons to centaurs. You can find someone into pretty much anything nowadays, no matter how strange, so maybe a few of you find a bloody demon quite attractive. But for everyone else, Mortal Kombat does actually have quite a few characters who are a bit more conventionally attractive.

The tournaments are filled with the elite fighters of the world, which means athletic types in the prime of their lives. So naturally there are a few lookers in that bunch that have caught the interest of fans. There are more than ten games in the franchise filled with gory kills, but we're ranking these men and women based on their killer looks and personalities.

These are the 15 Krazy Attractive Mortal Kombat Characters, Ranked.

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Kira in Mortal Kombat
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Kira in Mortal Kombat

Kira isn't the most recognizable name in the franchise, mainly because she's just a female derivative of Kano. In fact if you remember Kira's original move set, all of her special moves were copied exactly from Kano and Sonya. Being a clone character in a fighting game isn't a great way to catch people's attention, so in that regard Kira was pretty forgettable. That's a shame since, based on her looks, Kira is actually pretty striking.

Kira was the first redhead in the franchise and had a cool goth look. She also had an alluring air of danger about her with her criminal background and her penchant for knives. Firey red hair and black leather is going to catch anyone's eye, so Kira would be a cool character to maybe see return someday. The only thing is, she'd definitely need to have developed some moves of her own so she can step out of Kano's shadow.


Mortal Kombat Tanya Wallpaper

Tanya has the misfortune of being one of the rare characters who actually wound up getting less attractive as time has gone by. When she was first introduced in Mortal Kombat 4, she looked great. Her yellow outfit set her apart from the other women, she was pretty and athletic, plus she was a new face for the heroes. But that all quickly changed even as soon as her ending. In Tanya's ending in Mortal Kombat 4 it was revealed she was actually a traitor working for the villains, which instantly attaches a lot of baggage.

Future games would reveal being a traitor was a common thing for Tanya. Not only that, but apparently turning evil affected her appearance, and not for the better. After MK4 she gained pure white eyes like Scorpion, which is definitely not an attractive resemblance.

Tanya is the type of character who is partially appealing precisely because of her bad girl ways. You want to bring her back to being good, but you know she might be too much of a rebel to be tamed.


Kenshi MK

Kenshi is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters to come out of Mortal Kombat’s transition to 3-D. The blind swordsman first appeared in Deadly Alliance, and made a splash thanks to his telekinesis techniques that he learned from Ermac. Unlike the red ninja, Kenshi is a whole lot better looking than a bunch of souls bound together by mystical energy. If Daredevil has shown anything, it’s that a lack of sight doesn’t hurt someone’s chances of being viewed as attractive.

Even with his lack of sight, Kenshi is still a pretty fashionable guy. His outfit has good color coordination with the red and black, and he keeps his hair neatly styled despite the fact that he will never see it. In recent years he’s even started sporting a more rugged look with his beard. Plus Kenshi knowing telekinesis is a great way to get creative when it comes time to get physical.


Skarlet Mortal Kombat

For a list like this the aesthetically-challenged characters of Mortal Kombat are obviously going to have a tough time making the cut for the list. Someone like Baraka would have a real uphill battle even if his personality was great just because he's so hideous. But other characters are a bit better at hiding their ugly side behind a nice looking veneer. One of them would be the ninja Skarlet, one of Shao Kahn's warriors introduced in 2011's Mortal Kombat.

There's no doubt that Skarlet is a great-looking woman, so maybe that could help you overlook the unsavory secret she has— Skarlet is a warrior composed entirely of blood. Her attacks involve her using blood to attack people, and she even showers herself in her opponent's blood provided the opportunity. They say love is compromise, but if you can overlook Skarlet's rather messy habit then that's a love for the ages.


If you ever wondered what Kenshia would look like without the blindfold, the face of his son probably gives us the best idea. Nothing against Kenshi, but we have to place Takeda just a bit higher not because he is sighted, but because of his youth. Takeda has the boyish good looks of a pop star, but he can also back it up in a fight. Having been trained by Scorpion, Takeda knows how to bring his best in battle and showcase all the admirable qualities of a hero.

Of the next generation characters, Takeda is the most serious, but he does still have a sense of humor. The only thing that could use some work is his fashion sense. While his all black armor is one of the more practical things a Mortal Kombat character has worn, it's a tad too realistic. He needs to show some more personality in his clothing.

We're not expecting him to go into a fight basically wearing his underwear like some of the women do, but even his master Scorpion breaks up the dour mood by sporting some unique yellow tones.


Li Mei in Mortal Kombat

Li Mei has only been playable in three games as of this point, but she was one of the most memorable characters brought in during Deadly Alliance. She was definitely the prettiest female newcomer of the bunch, and was a pretty good playable character too. The problem was by the end of the game she had already been killed off by Shang Tsung stealing her soul. But that wasn't the end of Li Mei, though.

Bo Rai Cho rescued her in Deception, and Li Mei returned sporting skimpier pirate-themed armor. She still kept all her good moves, but Shang Tsung's interference with her had left a mark of corruption. Rather than being a hero in Deception, Li Mei instead decided to become the queen of Onaga the Dragon King.

Still, if you can look past her bad taste in scaly men, Li Mei has the perfect look to be a hero of the franchise, and a queen that anyone would be happy to be with.


Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat

Despite being the main character of the franchise, Liu Kang really was never the in the top tier when it came to attractiveness. It's unlikely anyone would list Liu Kang in their top three most attractive characters, even just counting the guys of Mortal Kombat. That's not to say he's ugly or anything, though. Liu Kang is certainly in great shape, and has even managed to avoid any unsightly scars despite being in tournaments since the very first game.

That being said, Liu's personality is more appealing than his looks. The red headband doesn't exactly scream fashion savvy, but he is a brave and frequently successful combatant. Liu is the one who triumphed in the first four Mortal Kombat games, after all. Heroes are definitely attractive - though Liu being a monk might make his dating life a bit of a challenge, depending on if he took a vow of celibacy.


Cassie Cage MK

Cassie Cage might be new and young, but she is one of the characters who stood out the most once Mortal Kombat X came out. Cassie proved to be exactly what you would think the kid of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade would be like. She has the good looks of both of her parents, her dad's cocky attitude, and her mom's tactical training. That’s a pretty solid pedigree.

Cassie's youth might be the only mark against her since it does give her a bit of the stereotypical millennial behavior. One of her fatalities involves her taking a selfie with her dead opponent. While funny and memorable, it also comes across as attention-seeking. Plus she's friends with Kano on social media, which certainly doesn't speak to responsible decision making.

Still, Cassie is strong, attractive, and confident, so she's definitely someone who would get second looks when walking down the street.


Johnny Cage Shirtless in Mortal Kombat X

Johnny Cage is the kind of guy you hate to love. He's confident to the point of being kind of a douche, honestly. But many good-looking people have an annoying habit of doing well even if their personality is actually extremely obnoxious. Speaking of which, Johnny might even be higher on this list if it weren't for the fact that he's now sporting an astonishingly ugly chest tattoo of his own name. Narcissism isn’t attractive.

Despite his arrogance, Johnny is a nice-looking guy, though. His looks have even led to him becoming a successful movie star, something sure to keep him in the spotlight and get him some groupies. He's also rich, so he can afford the nice clothes, the fancy sunglasses, and all the finer things in life. If you can look past his brash personality, Johnny has a lot of things to offer.


Mortal Kombat X had a big theme about the next generation of fighters, which is always a challenging theme to deal with successfully. The children of the classic characters are always going to be compared to the originals, so it's hard for the newcomers to stake out their own legacy. Someone like Cassie had this especially hard because both of her parents are classic fighters. But Jacqui Briggs has it a bit easier because while everyone knows her father Jax, nobody knows her mother.

Being the first female member of the Briggs family we have seen in action, Jacqui is pretty captivating. For good or for bad, she does carry on the tradition of her dad's metal hands. So if you're hoping for a warm hand to hold you might be barking up the wrong tree. But if you're into strong, capable women, Jacqui might just be at the top of the bunch.


Jax Mortal Kombat

Of all the men of Mortal Kombat Jax is an easy one you can make a strong argument for being the most attractive. He's not some scary ninja, he's not a reserved monk, and he doesn’t have a douchey side like Johnny Cage. Jax is kind of like the male version of Sonya— someone who is very athletic and trained as part of the Special Forces. Big muscles and a job in an authority position are usually pretty good ways to get noticed.

Jax definitely has the best physique out of all the men in the franchise, and that's even with losing both of his arms after the second game. Fortunately for Jax, he quickly got hooked up with his new metal arms that made him even stronger than before. But Jax offers a lot more than just a nice body, since MKX proved he's also got the qualities to be a good father to Jacqui.


Anyone who knows Mileena will immediately picture her without her mask and having second thoughts about how close they want to get to someone with teeth like an alligator. But apparently quite a few people are able to overlook her scary dentistry, because she’s frequently called one of the franchise’s sexiest characters. Mileena was even one of the video game characters who was chosen to be featured in Playboy.

Mileena would rank higher, but realistically her good looks just come from being a clone of Kitana. So if you could avoid those Tarkatan teeth by having the original in Kitana, why would you want Mileena? Unless you’re into the taboo danger that Mileena brings, there’s simply a safer option out there for you. Mileena does try to become more of a leader in Mortal Kombat X, so she does have some ambition, but Kotal Kahn and D’Vorah soon put a stop to that.


Jade initially did not have anything that set her apart from Kitana. She was just a secret character in Mortal Kombat II who had the same character model as Kitana, except her outfit was green. Fortunately she is someone who has been more fleshed out as the years went by. When Jade returned for the next game she was sporting a new tan, as well as her own weapon in the form of her signature staff. And as her story expanded, we learned about the importance Jade had beyond just being Kitana’s friend.

By Deception we learned that Jade was the General of the army of Edenia, which speaks to her ability as a combatant and a leader. Deception also altered Jade’s appearance further by having her ditch her mask in a move that further separated her from the other female ninjas. Jade’s exotic look and more mysterious backstory definitely help her rank high as one of the most popular women in the franchise.


Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat

A lot of you might be surprised that Sonya wasn't saved for number one, but the silver medal is nothing to get upset about. Sonya not getting the top spot is simply because while she might be the most known female character in the franchise, that doesn't automatically translate to the best-looking. Let's face it, she was the only female character in the first game, so she didn't exactly have competition at the time. And even then she was sporting those ugly lime green sweatpants.

Sonya's fashion sense evolved over the years, though, and even as more women began coming into the franchise, she was still someone who stood out. Her Special Forces uniforms didn't always look like something a professional would wear, but nobody was complaining about that with how good she looked in them. Sonya's stern personality is a tough nut to crack, but Johnny Cage helped her open up her fun side a bit more.


Sonya might be the first female character’s name who springs to mind when people talk about Mortal Kombat, but Kitana is the one with the iconic look. Her female ninja design spawned both Mileena and Jade, and she has become one of the most recognizable characters from the games. It obviously does not hurt that Kitana is good-looking, but she also brings a lot to the table in terms of her personality and ambitions.

Kitana is the princess of Edenia, so she is someone with a lot of political power, but she can also handle herself really well in a one on one fight. Even with enemies like Mileena, Shao Kahn, and her own corrupted mother Sindel, Kitana still handles herself with self-assurance. When looking for the best combo of beauty and personality, it’s hard to argue against the ninja princess Kitana being the top choice in Mortal Kombat.


Anyone out there want to admit to wishing Motaro had made our list? Share which Mortal Kombat characters you have a thing for in the comments!

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