Robert Sheehan & Leila George Interview: Mortal Engines

Robert Sheehan has been in Geostorm with Gerard Butler and Genius: Picasso with Antonio Banderas.  He is best known for playing Nathan Young in the television show Misfits. His most recent project is Mortal Engines, where he plays Tom Natsworthy. In the film, humanity survives on mobile cities after a cataclysmic event and fight for the world’s remaining resources.

Leila George will be appearing in the 2019 films The Kid and Long Home. In Mortal Engines, she plays Katherine Valentine, the daughter of Thaddeus Valentine, Hugo Weaving’s character.

Screen Rant: What was the first day on set like for you guys?

Robert Sheehan: First day on set.

Leila George: For my first day was when Salthook is being taken in by London. And all the income is in the incomer station. So, him and I arrive, and he finds a toaster.

Robert Sheehan: I’m bitchin’ about a toaster in a dumpster.

Leia George: That was my first day.

Robert Sheehan: Some fellow who's just doing his day's work and I'm lecturing them about the historical value of a toaster. That was your first scene.

Leila George: That was my first day, yeah. I loved it because it was like less pressure. It's not like I was the main thing in the scene. There's all these other bigger characters around me, so I got to kind of like ease in. That was good.

Screen Rant: I heard fit in really well with the Kiwi people.

Robert Sheehan: The Kiwi people. They are a strange tribe.

Screen Rant: We had high praise. Some of the people on set that I was talking to said you fit right in down there.  It felt like home to you.

Leila George: Aw.

Rober Sheehan: Aw. Well, do you know what? They're very like the Irish.  They're very similar in their odd way. They both have a larger, more arrogant neighbors. [chuckles] England and Australia.

Leila George: Yeah, but we Australians, we get on with the Kiwis very well.

Robert Sheehan: That’s true.

Leila George: I think they hate us more than we… I don't even hate them.

Robert Sheehan: Yeah. There’s a profound deep historical hatred there.  Like sort of, when a brother and sister have bunk beds as kids, you know?

Screen Rant: Whose character is the stronger leader?

Robert Sheehan: What, between the two of us?

Screen Rant: Yes.

Robert Sheehan: I sort of-- depending on the point in the journey, I think. By the end of it, I think Katherine's become…

Leila George: I’m going to say Katherine.

Robert Sheehan: Yeah, she's kind of become a figure who is leading surviving Londoners out of the ashes.

Leila George: She also, doesn't have anyone really. And it's sad. Tom has Hester. And Katherine's kind of…

Screen Rant: So, would you guys be excited about-- I know you just got done with this one and you're just focusing on the press and getting through it, but there's four books.

Robert Sheehan: There's four books.

Screen Rant: You guys excited about that next possible story?

Robert Sheehan: Yeah, and it's, I think it's an excitement that stems from, I'm acting in this, but when I saw the film, I got to see all the other work.  All the big work that goes into a movie, the many, many hundreds of animators and stuff that worked on it. So, to see their work and what they, how they, continue to expand the world will be as exciting for me. More exciting for me probably, than your typical punter, because I'm so invested in it.

Screen Rant: Do you guys own your own action figures?

Leila George: He does. I don't. I don’t have one.

Screen Rant: Not yet?

Leila George: They need to make Katherine a figure. Right? She's like, she needs a blue coat. You know, she needs…

Robert Sheehan: You'll definitely be one for the sequel.

Leila George: Yeah, yeah, yeah. She needs a figure.

Robert Sheehan: You know, I got one of those ones and they said to me, “But keep it in the box though or else it'll lose its value.” That’s pointless.

Leila George: Just get another one. What is it like ten bucks? Get one. Keep one in the box. Get the other. Take it out of the box.

Screen Rant: So, you guys ready to jump into another big film? Or do you take this time off to do a smaller project?

Leila George: Ready.

Screen Rant: Ready.

Leila George: I'm ready to go.

Screen Rant: Robert?

Robert Sheehan: Yeah, I think I'm ready for what comes, I think. I don't know what I'm doing next.

Screen Rant: You have practiced signing autographs, right?

Robert Sheehan: Yeah.

Leila George: Yeah. I have never done that before. So, like when we first did it at Comic Con in New York, I think everyone has a poster with a different one on it. Because I was like practicing each time. Just figuring out like what am I going to do.

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