Morning Show Trailer: Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell Star In Apple TV+ Show

Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show teaser trailer

Apple TV+ releases The Morning Show teaser trailer. One of the earlier titles to be greenlit for Apple’s streaming platform, The Morning Show stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell and it takes a look at the lives of the people who deliver the news to viewers at the start of each new day. Aniston and Witherspoon are also involved as executive producers.

The upcoming series, which has already been given an order for two seasons, is among the most high-profile offerings of Apple TV+. It will mark Aniston’s first role as a series regular since Friends ended in 2004. While she’s made guest appearances, occasionally reuniting with co-stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, Aniston has become well-known for a diverse set of roles that range from romantic comedy to contemplative drama. Carell has followed a similar trajectory since exiting The Office near the end of season 7. Garnering an Oscar nomination for his performance in Foxcatcher, the actor has established his reputation among audiences as someone that can elevate lighter fare as well as more serious stories. The Morning Show looks to be a blend of the serious and the salacious, drawing on the many instances of reported backstabbing and politicking that occur among the seemingly amiable crew of a morning news program.

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The teaser trailer posted by AppleTV seems to play on this dichotomy. While the teaser relies mainly on audio, played over a visual sweep of the empty Morning Show studio, it is shot in a way that suggests the calm and measured tones the characters rely on conceal deeper and more complicated motivations. It was previously reported that Carell would be playing Mitch Kessler, an anchor struggling to maintain his perch in a changing media landscape. Aniston will portray Karen Kessler, Mitch’s co-anchor. Judging by the shared last name, it’s safe to assume the anchors have a personal relationship.

The Morning Show has used the work of Brian Stelter as a resource. Stelter’s book, Top of the Morning, closely examined the strife that occurred behind the scenes of daily morning shows. Also starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw (one of Black Mirror’s breakout performers), Billy Crudup, Néstor Carbonell and Mark Duplass, the first season will reportedly consist of 10 episodes. Kerry Ehrin, nominated for several Emmys throughout her writing career, will serve as the showrunner.

AppleTV+ has several other big debuts lined up, including a sci-fi series led by Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard, and an anthology from Kumail Nanjiani. In addition, Steven Spielberg will have a presence on the platform with a reboot of Amazing Stories. With these heavy-hitters and an apparent focus on quality over quantity, The Morning Show will be in good company when it premieres this fall.

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