More Tron 2 Details Revealed

About three months ago we got our first set of details about the upcoming sequel, Tron 2. They were fairly spoilerific, but some of the less spoiler-ish ones were that it takes place 25 years after the original and Jeff Bridges' character has a son named Sean who, predictably, ends up inside the computer world. Fast forward to today, and we have some new details that have been revealed about Tron 2, via a script review.

The Tron 2 script review comes to us from CC2K (via io9) and carries a red, capitalized, bolded spoiler warning that caused me to back off from reading it in it's entirety as I don't want to spoil it completely for myself. However, thanks to io9, we have some of the less spoiler-ish (read: no character deaths or plot twists) details for you.

Apparently in this Tron 2 script (which might not end being the final one they go with, mind you) the way hacking is represented is different to that of the original - not really sure how, but that's probably not a good thing since the review has a general negative opinion of the draft. Also, it appears that the, "fake war scenario of hacking," has been changed from a fighting battle to a fake race. Not quite sure what that means either, but again it doesn't sound all that good.

[Warning: Some moderate spoilers ahead]

In this draft of the Tron 2 script, Bridges' Kevin Flynn is trapped in the computer world and has been for years. His son, Sean (now 20 years old - has Flynn been in that world for that long?!), ends up being put into the computer world, too, either by accident or to find his father (I suspect the latter). There are a couple of new characters introduced that, by the sounds of them, have the potential to be pretty cool (the idea of them are wicked): One is called D-Rezz, who is a, "powerful deletion utility that helps out the heroes... He growls menacingly at various bad guys while clobbering them..." The other is called I-Beem, who is described as a, "frazzled denizen of the cyber-world [who] can teleport from one place to another."

Other details revealed by the script: There is apparently the literal representation of date surfing. Yes, by that I mean actual surfing - wow, that's not a good sign (does that sound as dumb to you as it does to me?). Also, a memory leak within the computer is represented with some sort of green goo, and outside of the computer and back in the real world, Flynn is talked about amongst computer geeks as an urban legend of, "the man who went into the computer."

[End of spoilers]

For the full spoiler filled script review you can head over to CC2K.

I'm not liking the sound of everything that's been revealed about this Tron 2 script draft, although some of it is pretty cool. For example, I like the idea of bringing in more literal representations of computer problems (viruses, anyone?) we deal with all the time. We saw some of it in the original, but with the special effects technology available these days, I'd hope they'd include a lot more of them.

My problem with how the script sounds is all this talk about things being changed. If this new Tron movie was a reboot or a remake, then you could expect some major changes. But this is a straight continuation, and to change the nature of things that are integral to the overall Tron world I think is a mistake. Introduce new cool stuff, yes, but don't change something entirely if it was already set up as cannon within the original '82 movie.

As I said, this may not be the absolute final script for Tron 2; at this point anyway it's labeled as a draft. I certainly hope they take their time with this project, making sure to get all of the details right and not mess it up (which is always a possibility). If nothing else we can look forward to seeing that awesome neon world come to life again, undoubtedly with today's amazing special effects technology employed to make it look as good as can be.

What do you think of the new details that have emerged from the Tron 2 script? Do you think changes should be made or is what was set in the original what absolutely must be stuck to?

Tron 2 currently is slated for a release sometime in 2011.

Sources: CC2K (via io9)

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