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Happy New Year! I hope that all Screen Rant readers have had a great Christmas and I hope that you all have a fantastic 2008. Movie-wise we should be having a spectacular year, the best in recent memory. Not to wish time away, here's some news on one of 2009's big films.

Today I picked up my monthly copy of Empire magazine and there's a nice little interview with Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins producer Moritz Borman. He's doesn't give much away, but he does give us some details on the forthcoming film.

First up; there is apparently a twist at the end of the film. What could it be? My guess is that a character that we have trusted throughout the film will turn out to be a Terminator. I predict the mysterious Marcus. I could be wrong though, so don't quote me!

Borman, refuses to talk about cast, when Christian Bale is mentioned he replies:

"No comment. You can draw your own conclusions from that,"

He does go on to say:

"I've heard everything from Sylvester Stallone to Vin Diesel. I can tell you that Vin Diesel is not somebody we’re currently talking to."

That's an interesting quote, as he doesn't deny that either actor will be involved. Would Stallone do it? God knows, but I'd bet he wouldn't turn down a $15 million payday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be involved in this film, as his Terminator model hasn't been built yet, but apparently there is scope for his involvement in future films.

Borman also confirms McG will indeed be directing and that it should begin shooting on April 15 in Budapest. So don't expect Arnold to show up until the series returns to California.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is out Summer 2009 (which is now next year!).

Source: Empire

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