More good news for Batman fans

Looks like everything is still on track for a movie that does justice to The Dark Knight. From an interview with David Goyer, who wrote the first draft of the screenplay for the in production film: Batman: Intimidation Game (Title is subject to change)....

?My whole life, all I wanted to do was write a Batman movie,? says Goyer. ?It was excruciating for me because here I was being offered to work with an amazing director, but time-wise there was no way I could do it. But his agent called back and said, ?You have to do it.?? By negotiating to only do a first draft, with Nolan rewriting and revising from there, Goyer got his dream and the result is a Batman movie the writer thinks fans are going to eat up. ?It?s the most faithful to the comic books and it certainly darker than the Schumacher films,? admits Goyer? ?It treats the story seriously and it?s also quite romantic. We were determined to create a new classic and we treated the subject matter seriously.?

A bit about why Ra's and The Scarecrow are the villains....

?We weren?t sure what villains we wanted to use, but we knew it should be villains that hadn?t been used in the films,? says Goyer. ?At the same time we didn?t want to make any up. If you look at the rogues gallery, the ones that hadn?t been used were Scarecrow and Ra?s Al Ghul. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring those characters in. We knew we were going to do an original story, but if we do this right, we can then reintroduce the rogues gallery the audience has met before in the movies, but in a new way.?

Very very cool.


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