More Details On Upcoming Marvel Superhero Movies

Over at there's a report that details the upcoming slate of superhero movies coming from Marvel Studios on the heels of the spectacular performance of Iron Man so far.

They had a chance to sit down with Kevin Feige, the head of the fledgling studio and hounded him for answers about upcoming movies.

Included in the interview were details about the upcoming Captain America movie, the Avengers movie (which seems a heck of a lot more likely to happen than the stillborn Justice League film), Thor and Iron Man 2.

Among the news bits are the fact that the Captain America movie will remain titled The First Avenger: Captain America instead of the preferred (by most) Captain America: The First Avenger. They're scheduling the Cap movie to be released only a month and a half before the Avengers movie, so the emphasis on the group in the title of his stand alone movie seems to be quite calculated.

As to when the film will take place: World War II time frame, so it will be a full-on origin story taking place entirely in the past. I think that's a GREAT idea and I'm betting that a lot of the Avengers film will concentrate on his adjustment to present day following his being in suspended animation at the end of his movie. That's speculation but it would be awesome to have a cliffhanger in his film resolved only six weeks later instead of having to wait two full years (can you say Han Solo frozen in Carbonite?).

Feige also stated that they are in negotiations with Jon Favreau to come back and do Iron Man 2 which I stated was a no brainer a few days ago.

I really like how Marvel is approaching the idea of building a universe of superheroes that they'll bring together for an ensemble movie. The DC route seemed like a bad idea, but this direction is a good one.

For more on the upcoming movies from Marvel including more details on Captain America, Iron Man 2 and even some Thor details, head over to the full interview at CHUD.

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