An 'Avatar' Update, Including A New Tagline

James Cameron's upcoming visual effects-fest Avatar is one of those films that has already been, and will undoubtedly continue to be, followed pretty damn closely by movie fans from all over. And that's entirely understandable - Avatar is the first live-action, full-length feature film time Cameron has directed since 1997's all-time box office winner Titanic. He's without a doubt a legend of the sci-fi genre, giving us some of the best we've ever seen (Aliens and Terminator 2: Judgement Day to name just a couple).

We've already talked about an early viewing of Avatar blowing people away, as well as the fact that the 3D technology being employed is said to be revolutionary. At ShoWest recently, Fox Filmed Entertainment Co-Chairman Jim Gianopulos talked about the film in an interview with MarketSaw.

"I've seen the film-most of the film-and I think Jim's comment that it's like dreaming only you're enough. (laughs)-Is accurate. I think it's a truly amazing film in the sense that he's created visual images, and a story, and a world, and creatures and experiences that I've just never seen in a cinema. It's just truly amazing. So, with the partnership of WETA and James Cameron, and a story that's been in his mind and developing all these years, combined with the technology to do it catching up, is just a trifecta beyond anything."

On how far along the movie is in the production pipeline, Gianopulos said:

"The reality, I think, for people, and especially people who understand the know, the film...Jim is essentially finished all of his shooting of the film, and it has been rendered, in working with WETA. So now the film is at WETA being rendered in its photoreal images."

"There are great portions of the film finished in final form, but they are not of complete scenes. So when we have a complete scene, when we have enough, it will come out and I think it will meet those expectations."

When asked about whether or not the past hopes of Cameron for the film to only be released in 3D would come true, Gianopulos replied:

"I don't think that's possible, because I think that would deny the movie to too many people in too many places in the world. But most importantly, while the movie is amazing in 3D, it's such a brilliant film, it would be brilliant in any form. It's like saying, did Titanic have to be in 3D? Did Aliens have to be in 3D? They were truly great films."

And finally, Gianopulos talked about the difference between the past and present possibilities with 3D technology:

"...another point that Jim's made repeatedly is that the old form of 3D was a gimmick that was intended to extend the life of a tired franchise. So you have the monster, the monster returns, and the monster returns in 3D. That was the 50's and the 60's and times past. This is the greatest filmmakers in the world using this film medium to express themselves on the biggest pallet and in the biggest scale of any movie made, and it's an entirely different experience. But - doesn't mean it's not a great movie in 1D if you have to show it that way!"

Of course you may want to keep in mind that most of the gushing praise we've heard so far, including what this Fox Co-Chairman has said above, is from people involved with the film that almost have to say positive things. However, I do have positive expectations for Avatar. By the sound of it, Cameron has not created "just another sci-fi film," but one that does some pretty special things with the technology available.

Gianopulos makes a good point when he says that releasing the movie only in 3D would deny too many people the opportunity to see it because, let's face it, there just aren't that many 3D equipped theaters out there at the moment - certainly a lot fewer than there are traditional theaters. Also, like he said, if it's a great film then it's a great film, regardless of whether it's in 3D or regular 2D.

As the post title promises, there has been a new tagline chosen for the film: "An All New World Awaits"

It's a fitting tagline, one which gives off the vibe we've all been expecting from everything we've seen so far. Avatar is undoubtedly on every movie fan's most anticipated list, if for no other reason than to see the promised-to-be-great return of Mr. James Cameron.

What do you make of the latest updates about Avatar? We all know you're looking forward to this one, but just how much?

Avatar is scheduled to open on December 19, 2009.

Source: MarketSaw and ComingSoon

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