Morbius Movie Set Photo Hints At Marvel Comics Easter Egg

Morbius Spider-Man

Sony's Morbius may include an Easter egg for fellow Marvel villain Kraven the Hunter, based on a new set photo. The studio is currently in the middle of filming their latest live-action movie set within Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (as it's been dubbed) starring Jared Leto as Morbius the living vampire. Morbius became an even bigger priority for Sony after the surprising success of Tom Hardy's Venom at the box office, where it earned over $800 million worldwide.

Although filming has been underway for a few weeks now, there's not been many revelations to come from Morbius so far. Leto did provide a "first look" at the movie and his version of Dr. Michael Morbius (before he becomes a vampire it appears), but it's been relatively quiet otherwise. We did learn that Tyrese Gibson joined the cast, but one lingering question about the film and Sony's other Marvel movies is how they could be connected.

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Thanks to a new set photo from Morbius, it appears we may have an answer. Reddit user damundio shared a look at the set of Morbius with the branding on the side of a truck being the main attraction. The truck has a logo for a business that apparently is called Kraven. With Sony developing a Kraven the Hunter movie, it's unclear if this Easter egg is just a fun reference to the fellow Marvel villain or will be actual set-up.

While this very well could just be a fun reference for eagle eyed viewers to catch when Morbius hits theaters next July, what if it's actually part of their set-up for the larger universe? This may seem like a strange suggestion at first, but it could actually be possible. The lackluster quality of the image does make it difficult to read every word on the van, but the middle word in the banner on the bottom appears to be "catering." With the obvious word play of Kraven and craving, could Kraven the Hunter actually own a restaurant in this universe?

This obviously isn't close to what Kraven does in the comics, but him being the owner of a restaurant could actually make sense. He's known for hunting exotic and rare animals, so maybe his business is tied to gourmet food options using the animals he hunts to supply it. This is just complete speculation at this point, but it could also be Sony's way of slowly tying their movies together. The script for Kraven is still being written by Richard Wenk, and there's been no movement on finding a director either. But, if Sony does intend to make the film in the near future, using a subtle reference like this in Morbius would certainly be one way to tie it together.

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Source: damundio/Reddit

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