5 Unintentionally Morbid TV Shows

5 Unintentionally Morbid TV Shows

In the history of television, there have been thousands upon thousands of TV shows. While the intent is to always deliver an interesting story for the viewer, certain problems may arise during the actual development of a series.

Sometimes, a creator may have an interesting story idea, but no initial plot to drive the series’ pilot, or a network may attempt to force the creation of a television show around a particular star.

Whatever the case, when this happens, the core reasoning for the series’ plot can, at comes, become askew. Most of the time, the viewer remains unaware. A seemingly ridiculous, convoluted, or (in this case) morbid premise is often overshadowed by the series’ entertaining storytelling.

Fortunately, a hardcore television fan (like myself) never forgets, and so we present you with five TV shows that intended to deliver earnest storylines, but unintentionally incorporated certain morbid elements into their premises.


How I Met Your Mother

(2005-Present, CBS)

The Intent: An endearing show about a father telling his children the story of how he met their mother.

In Actuality: In the 45 hours (soon to be 62 hours - with the recent two season pick-up) that the elderly Ted Mosby (Bob Saget) has been recalling the “romantic” tale of how he met his children’s mother, he has yet to actually tell his kids how he met their mother. Instead, the only thing that he’s been chronicling is how he used to goof off with their “Uncle” Marshall (Jason Segel), “Aunt” Lilly (Alyson Hannigan) and “Uncle” Barney (Neil Patrick Harris).

Oh yeah, Old Ted also makes sure to continuously tell his children how, for years, he used to sleep with their “Aunt” Robin (Cobie Smulders), but then stopped… but then started to again… but then stopped again… but then did a couple more times. That is, of course, on top of all the other women that he’s telling his children that he slept with.

At some point, this series is going to have to change its name from How I Met Your Mother to How Great My Life Was Before I Met Your Mother & Had Kids.


My Two Dads

(1987-1990, NBC)

My Two Dads

The Intent: The hilarious tale of what happens when two bachelors are forced to take care of their teenage “daughter.”

In Actuality: The reason why the bachelors, Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser) and Joey Harris (Greg Evigan), are forced to take care of Nicole Bradford (Staci Keanan) is because her mother, Marcy Bradford (Emma Samms), died and left custody of her daughter to Michael and Joey.

Why did Marcy Bradford leave custody of her only child to these bachelors? Well, like an episode of Maury, it turns out that Marcy Bradford slept with both Michael and Joey around the same time and didn’t know which man was actually Nicole's father. Playing into the deceased mother’s ignorance (after playing into her willingness to “have a good time”), neither Michael nor Joey wants to take a paternity test to find out who the real father is, so they both take on the dad role.

If that description is too hard to follow, the intro of My Two Dads summarizes it nicely (with appropriate 80s theme music):



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