How Moonlight Stars Reacted to Best Picture Screw-Up

A new backstage video from tonight's Oscars reveals the main actors of Moonlight's reaction to that last minute Best Picture screw-up.

Moonlight poster (cropped)

Ever since October or November, Hollywood has been busy making its way through its annual awards season. Of course, throughout those months, when more and more awards began to go to certain films over others, it became fairly clear which films were going to be the frontrunners leading into the 89th Annual Academy Awards this weekend, and which ones weren't. In both the Best Picture and Best Director categories too, it was basically assumed at this point that the battle would be between either writer and director Barry Jenkins' Moonlight and Damien Chazelle's La La Land. Both films had won their fair share of awards in the previous shows, and were generally agreed to be the two best films of 2016 in critics circles and in the industry itself.

As the Oscars went on throughout the night, it looked like the night was going to go to La La Land as well, with the modern day movie musical raking in awards left and right, like Best Song, Best Score, Best Lead Actress, Best Director, and more. However, no one could have predicted the shocking conclusion of the night, when Best Picture was awarded.

As everyone is likely already aware, it was originally announced by presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty that La La Land had won Best Picture, with the entire cast, crew, and producers present all taking to the stage. But then, their celebrations were cut short, when it was revealed that there had been a mistake, and that Moonlight had actually won the award. A brand new video from the Oscars backstage feed (H/T ScreenGrabber) shows the reactions of Moonlight's stars and directors, when they realized they had won the biggest prize of the night. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Moonlight - Trevante Rhodes and Andre Holland

In a night that, more or less, went completely according to plan and the winners seemed to stick in line with what most had already predicted, to say that the Best Picture announcement shook things up for the night would be an understatement. It will undoubtedly go down as the biggest screw-up in Oscars history, and one that has been eliciting more than just a few memorable responses from both those involved and honored at the ceremony, and those watching on their couches from home.

In its essence, Moonlight winning wasn't necessarily surprising either, since many had assumed that if there was going to be any film beating La La Land for Best Picture, it would be Moonlight. The faces of Trevante Rhodes, Mahershala Ali, Barry Jenkins, and more seem to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of the ceremony's last few moments, though, in a way that few others could.

Source: ABC (via ScreenGrabber)

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