What Moon Knight's Live-Action Costume Could Look Like

Marvel's Moon Knight is finally getting the live-action treatment, and one artist has offered his idea of what the hero could look like. A potential Moon Knight TV show or movie has long been rumored, dating back to 2016. At the time, people speculated Moon Knight would join Marvel's Netflix heroes, fighting alongside Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the rest of the Defenders. However, once Marvel's relationship with Netflix soured, that idea was off the table. On the film side, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn put his hat in the ring for Moon Knight to join the MCU. He mentioned on Twitter that he had an idea but didn't have the time to see it through. Marvel head Kevin Feige confirmed last year that the studio did have plans for Moon Knight to join the MCU at some point.

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At this past weekend's D23 Expo, those plans became a lot clearer with the announcement of a live-action Moon Knight series for upcoming streaming service Disney+. The series is currently in development and features a completely new logo for the character. In the same panel, Disney announced the new series She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, both of which will premiere around the same time as Moon Knight. Though no release dates were revealed, we do know that all three shows will be a part of the MCU's Phase 4, which already includes Black WidowWandaVision, and Thor: Love and Thunder.

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In a series of images, Sony Art Director Raf Grassetti offers his interpretation of what a live-action version of Moon Knight could look like. Appropriately, the first image features the character standing in front of a moon and wearing his traditional hood. The second photo offers a closer look at the costume's details, including a crescent moon on the hero's front. The third shows the photo again, this time in front of a Moon Knight logo. Check out Grassetti's images below:

In the comics, Moon Knight, aka. Marc Spector, has multiple personality disorder and originally appears as The Werewolf hunter. He experiences extra powers depending on the lunar cycle, including increased strength and endurance. Moon Knight is also a detective and skilled at both combat and martial arts. The hero is one of Marvel's more complex characters, as he initially enters the comics as a villain. Many have compared him to Batman, as they're both wealthy men who often use gadgets in their work.

Everyone from Keanu Reeves to Jake Gyllenhaal have been pitched by fans and MCU alums alike to play Moon Knight, though those ideas came before the series announcement. The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand has also expressed interest in taking on the role. With Moon Knight no longer just a theoretical show or movie, it's fun to speculate on what the on-screen version of the character may look like. Grassetti's interpretation will likely have fans coming up with even more ideas on who could play the complicated hero.

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Source: Raf Grassetti

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