New Moon Has A Director

We recently told you that Catherine Hardwicke was off the Twilight sequel as director, and it looks like Summit Entertainment has a new director ready to go for the next film in the series, New Moon.  The director is Chris Weitz, who has helmed About a Boy and The Golden Compass, and had a big hand in American Pie.

And not a moment too soon, since the sequel will have to go into production spring 2009 to be released by the planned late 2009/early 2010 date, and the third book may be shot back-to-back.  I don't even know how far along they are on a script, but chances are good Weitz, an accomplished writer, will have a big hand in writing.

I wasn't the biggest fan of American Pie, but About a Boy was good.  I didn't bother with The Golden Compass, after I saw the first 30 minutes on a plane.  And to be honest, until this past summer, I didn't even really know these books existed until a cover story in Entertainment Weekly.

I don't know if he'll do a good job or not, and I think I will actually watch Twilight when it hits DVD.  What do you, the fans of the book and first film, think about Weitz as director?

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily (which includes a letter from Weitz to fans of the books)

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