Monty Python Musical Spamalot Becoming a Movie

The musical inspired by the cult classic comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail is heading to the big screen, as it's just been announced that the Broadway play Spamalot is being made into a movie. The Knights of the Round Table will be singing to new audiences soon, as Fox are fast-tracking the production with some familiar names involved with the project, including an original Python member.

Spamalot originated from the much-loved 1975 Holy Grail film, which was a satire of the British Arthurian legend and gave the world many quotable lines and sketches. The play is a musical comedy that basically follows the same 'plot' as the film, but adds in extra doses of Python from other sources, like the song 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' from Python's Life of Brian. The show previewed in Chicago in 2004, before debuting on Broadway in 2005, where it won a Tony award for Best Musical, and a Grammy for the best Show Album. The show continually tours in the US and UK, and has played in venues such as the Hollywood Bowl and Las Vegas.

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Now Deadline reports that Fox are pushing forward with a movie adaptation of the play. The studio has original Monty Python member Eric Idle writing the script and tapped Casey Nicholaw as the director. Idle's involvement is practically a necessity and a good omen for the film, as he wrote the lyrics and the book for the show, and also co-wrote the original Holy Grail film along with the rest of the UK Python gang. He will also be acting as a producer for the project. Nicholaw is best known as a theater director and choreographer, being one of Broadway’s most respected names. He's had multiple Tony nominations, with credits including the stage version of Mean Girls and The Book of Mormon. He was also the choreographer on the original Broadway production of Spamalot. Nicholaw has yet to direct a film though, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the challenge.

Graham Chapman and John Cleese in Monty Python and the Holy Grail

With Idle working on the script, at least the adaptation will remain faithful to the sources. The play contains some audience participation and plenty of fourth wall breaking, so there are liable to be some notable changes. Over the years, the show has attracted plenty of talent that were eager to engage in the silliness. They include such actors as; Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Hank Azaria (The Simpsons), Christian Slater, (Mr. Robot), David Hyde Pierce (Frasier), and Warwick Davis (Star Wars). Python team member John Cleese can also be heard as the voice of God. So another interesting element to the film will be who they cast in the roles of such characters as King Arthur, Lancelot, and The Lady of the Lake.

In some respects, it's almost like a sketch out of the Monty Python's Flying Circus series. Spamalot will be a movie musical based on a Broadway musical, which is based on a comedy movie that's based on a mythological legend. But with Idle heavily involved, it could be an off-beat treat for fans of Python and extremely silly behavior. Casting and shooting is rumored to be starting very shortly, so we'll bring further updates when we get them.

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Source: Deadline

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