SR Giveaway: 'Monty Python,' 'Mr. Bean' and 'Benny Hill' Complete Sets On DVD

We're giving away a mega collection of UK TV comedies on DVD: Monty Python's 'Flying Circus,' 'Mr. Bean' and 'Benny Hill.' Over 83 hours of British television is included in this 37 DVD prize pack.

Monty Python Flying Circus

  • L. Harrison - Berthoud, CO

Now that the fall television season has come to a close, why not kick back, relax and catch up on some classic British comedies? "But, guys, I don't have any classic British comedies." That's where we come in!

Making sure you'll never have a hard time understanding a UK accent ever again, we're giving away complete sets of Mr. Bean, Monty Python's Flying Circus and Benny Hill. Coming in at just over 83 hours in total, these 37 DVDs will start you on your way to becoming a true Anglophile.

About "The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus 16 Ton Megaset"

This unassuming case is packed with 16 tons of funny: 14 discs of Monty Python's Flying Circus, packed with every episode from the programme s four year run, plus 2 Monty Python Live! discs featuring--well, you figure it out.

While to the uninitiated they may look like ordinary .65 oz. digital video discs, due to the unique physics of comedy (it's like quantum but with fewer dead cats), each disc actually weighs a full metaphoric ton! Please remember to lift with your knees.

About "Mr. Bean - The Whole Bean"

Starring the incomparable Rowan Atkinson (Johnny English, Blackadder), Mr. Bean has won a tin full of international awards and build a cult following around the globe that's well, frankly, a little frightening: VOLUME 1: (Episodes 1-5) Mr. Bean / The Return of Mr. Bean / The Curse of Mr. Bean / Mr. Bean Goes to Town / The Trouble with Mr. Bean VOLUME 2: (Episodes 6-10) Mr. Bean Rides Again / Merry Christmas Mr. Bean / Mr. Bean in Room 426 / Mind the Baby Mr. Bean / Do It Yourself Mr. Bean VOLUME 3: (Episodes 11-14 + DVD Extras) Back to School Mr. Bean / Tee Off, Mr. Bean / Good Night Mr. Bean / Hair by Mr. Bean of London

About "Benny Hill: The Complete Megaset - The Thames Years 1969-1989"

Laugh out loud at bawdy British comedian Benny Hill's raunchy, rowdy-and often tear-inducing-humor. This ultimate collection pays tribute to Benny's 20-year comedic reign with every series episode ever made. Includes 58 episodes on 18 DVDs.

Prize Pack Details

UK Prize Pack

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Prize Pack Contains:

1- The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus 16 Ton Megaset1- Mr. Bean - The Whole Bean (Complete Set)1- Benny Hill: The Complete Megaset - The Thames Years 1969-1989


You can buy each set on Amazon using the links below:

The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus 16 Ton MegasetMr. Bean - The Whole Bean (Complete Set)Benny Hill: The Complete Megaset - The Thames Years 1969-1989

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