Marvel's Monsters Unleashed Artwork Released

Marvel Creators Spill The Beans on Monsters Unleashed Event

Marvel seems to enjoy teasing their loyal fans by dropping mysterious hints and release dates here and there. Marvel Studios has mastered this art with multiple Easter eggs in their movies as well as with their mid-credits and post-credits scenes (among other things, of course), but Marvel Comics is not left behind in this game.

Their latest move was a series of teasers with the cryptic letters “MU”, each of these accompanied by the name of author Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool) along with another artist. Marvel later revealed that this title stood for Monsters Unleashed!, which took us back to the ‘70s black-and-white magazine that featured classic monsters such as Man-Thing, Werewolf, and Frankenstein’s Monster. The big difference with this new Monsters Unleashed! is that it will pit superheroes against – yes, you guessed it – monsters of all types and sizes.

The promo image gives a taste of the monsters our heroes will encounter in these five issues, with creatures such as Fin Fang Foom and Devil Dinosaur going head-to-head with superheroes like Captain Marvel, Medusa, and Wolverine (Laura Kinney). Now, thanks to a first look provided by CBR, we got a closer look at the mayhem one of these monsters will bring as well as a taste of Steve McNiven’s variant cover.

Monsters Unleashed Variant Cover

Monsters Unleashed interior art

Monsters Unleashed interior art

The cover features an all-new creature designed by McNiven that reminisces Fin Fang Foom. This variant edition offers a look at some details of this creature such as its claws and wings.

In addition to that, Marvel shared two pencilled pages of interior art (also by McNiven), showing a city about to get hit by what appears to be a meteor but could be something much worse. The second page shows a huge monster creating ultimate mayhem and destroying everything that comes across. The events in Monsters Unleashed! will bring back the team after the conflict in Civil War II – it's going to be interesting to see how well they can manage these new menaces after the tension brought by Civil War II. 

On board in this project with McNiven and Bunn are Greg Land, Adam Kubert, Salvador Larroca, and Leinil Yu. Monsters Unleashed! is expected to be released early next year so we can only hope Marvel will share more looks at the different covers and art of the rest of the artists before the release date.

Monsters Unleashed! is slated to hit stores and online retailers in January 2017.

Source: CBR.

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