New Trailer for 'Monsters University': Old School Scaring (& Partying)

Scary cheerleaders in 'Monsters University'

Given the success of Pixar's Monsters, Inc., it's taken a surprisingly long time for the studio to get around to releasing a follow-up. The first film was launched almost 12 years ago and received high praise from critics and audiences alike, complimented by a box office take that was almost five times the original production budget.

Hopefully the wait will have been worth it, as the highly anticipated prequel Monsters University will be knocking on the doors of theaters worldwide in just a few month, with John Goodman and Billy Crystal both returning to reprise their roles as James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski.

To keep anticipation high for the summer release of Monsters University, Pixar has released a brand new trailer over at Yahoo, which you can watch above. As previous trailers and Pixar's featurette have shown, Mike and Sulley are not the close friends that we came to know them as in this movie, but are instead arch-rivals in Scaring who are determined to outdo one another.

Set to the delightful strains of Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard", the new trailer gives a definite impression that Monsters University is just like any other college campus - complete with jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, slackers, liberal arts majors, frat boys and people who insist on playing the acoustic guitar at parties.

Scary cheerleaders in 'Monsters University'

If anything, the plot is looking a little bit too generic. Sulley and Mike are a mismatched pair thrown together as roommates, and Mike becomes jealous of Sulley's innate prowess in the field of Scaring, vowing to beat his grades by the end of their first year. Desperate to join the cool cliques and afraid of being lumped in with the nerdy Oozma Kappa fraternity, Mike enters the university's annual Scare Games and - for reasons not yet explained - is threatened with expulsion by the Dean if he doesn't win.

The whole set-up sounds surprisingly conventional for a Pixar movie, but taking into account the fact that the denizens of Monsters University are unusually hairy, slimy or betentacled (even more so than the average college student), the film could actually turn out to be quite a clever parody or subversion of the tropes usually associated with college coming-of-age stories. There are some great visual gags in this trailer that we've not seen before, along with the previously shown clip of an unfortunate snail-shaped monster "hurrying" to class.

Pixar have even set up a university website for prospective students to peruse, a surprisingly straight-faced and in-depth introduction to the fictional institution and its schools of Scaring, Science, Business, Engineering and Liberal Arts & Monstrosities. Between their student testimonials and their offer of financial aid for tuition fees, you may end up wanting to apply for admission. Just make sure you got the right score on your MAT (Monster Aptitude Test).


Monsters University is out in theaters on July 12, 2013.

Source: Yahoo

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