New 'Monsters University' Trailer: Fast Times with Mike and Sulley

Monsters University trailer

What were one-eyed Michael "Mike" Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) and furry James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (John Goodman) like, well before they became the top scarers featured in Pixar's 2001 movie, Monsters, Inc.? The computer-animation studio's prequel, Monsters University, will answer that question, by taking us back to when the (eventual) dynamic monster duo were just a mismatched pair of college roommates.

Disney/Pixar's marketing department has unveiled yet another trailer for Monsters University; like its predecessors, the focus is on Mike and Sulley having an old-fashioned college experience - partying hard, fleeing authorities, and encountering a variety of colorful student and teacher stereotypes - with a monster twist.

Rounding out the supporting voice cast for Monsters University are Steve Buscemi and Frank Oz - reprising as the younger versions of the chameleonic Randall and subservient Fungo seen in Monsters, Inc. - in addition to Helen Mirren as the M.U. dean. Meanwhile, fan-favorites like Nathan Fillion (Castle), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) are just a few of the celebrities who're lending their vocals to the M.U. student body.

Monsters University trailer

Monsters University is the feature-length debut for director Dan Scanlon (who helmed the Cars short "Mater and the Ghostlight"), who co-penned the script with Monsters, Inc. and Cars co-writers Robert L. Baird and Daniel Gerson.

Admittedly, the trailers work so hard to make the Monsters prequel seem like the Pixar equivalent of Animal House, it might raise concerns that the actual movie falls closer to Cars 2 - with shiny animation used to polish an underwhelming by-the-numbers story - rather than the nice mix of brains and heart in Monsters, Inc.. However, early word of mouth from those who caught the film's screening at the 2013 CinemaCon earlier this year suggests otherwise (thankfully).

Here are some of the Tweeted responses to the CinemaCon Monsters University showing:

"Monsters University (by MrDanScanlon) is a fun broad college comedy set in a cleverly designed world, surprising turns & gutsy message" - @slashfilm

"While there is no Boo, Monsters Univ has as much heart as Monsters Inc. I love love love the message in it, another wonderful Pixar movie." - @firstshowing

"Disney just screened MONSTERS UNIVERSITY in its entirety! It's smart, funny and makes me want to rewatch MONSTERS INC immediately." - @silaslesnick

"Just screened all of Monsters University at CinemaCon! Funny, clever and beautifully animated: what I expect from Pixar." - @eeisenberg

It sounds like Monsters University could be another slam-dunk for Pixar. What do you think?


Monsters University opens in (U.S.) 2D/3D theaters on June 21st, 2013.

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