'Monsters University' Character Posters and College Promo Video


Over the past year, Disney has spent plenty of effort and money to let us know Monsters University - the prequel to its 2001 animated film Monsters Inc. - is on the way and for good reason. Monsters Inc. - though admired and profitable upon its original release - is often a forgotten Pixar film among modern classics like the Toy Story films, Up and Finding Nemo.

Being aware of this, Disney made sure we remembered the charm and humor of the original by re-releasing it in 3D late last year, effectively revving up the promotional engine for Monsters University that is in full gear now.

After unveiling a teaser featurette and the official trailer for the film last week, Disney is continuing its promotional assault, unleashing a barrage of new materials, including another fun featurette (see above) and eight individual character posters, which you can see here:


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The posters give us a closer look at the diverse group of students at Monsters University before they became professional scarers. The posters show off mostly new characters, including Terri and Terry Perry, voiced by Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Dave Foley (News Radio) respectively. However, we also see a few returning characters, including a young Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi) and of course, the two whose relationship takes center stage in the film, Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman). In Monsters University, we'll get a chance to see when the lifelong pals first met and how they were not so chummy with one another in the beginning.

While the posters give us a glimpse at the monsters, the clip (see up top) gives us a sense of the culture and tradition at the university, as well as a look at the campus. It's a pretty spot-on representation of what a real college promotional video looks like. Just check out any commercial for any major university and you'll see what they were going for here.


With everything we've seen so far, it appears that the film has a good sense of humor about itself. Even after Monsters Inc. established the world of monsters in the workforce, living and working the nine-to-five grind much like humans do, the idea of young monsters attending a higher-education institute still seemed inherently silly. Obviously, the filmmakers know this and they are having fun with it, as evidenced by the humorous and rather clever Message From the Dean featurette.

Let's hope the film has plenty of heart to go along with an ample supply of laughs.

Monsters University hits theatres on July 12, 2013.

Source: Empire

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