Monsters University Meets Call Me By Your Name in Hilarious Fan-Made Trailer

Although Monsters University and Call Me By Your Name might not have much in common on the surface, that hasn't stopped one intrepid YouTuber from creating a mash-up trailer of the two films. After all, Monsters University was a Pixar foray into prequel territory, showing off in detail the early years of Mike and Sully along with a great student/principal rivalry.

Conversely, Call Me By Your Name is an intimate look at a hidden relationship from director Luca Guadagnino that deserves all the Oscar hype it's received. Aside from the story being framed around students and it being set in the past, there's very little to to make the two movies all that connected.

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However, nobody told Mikey Heller that. The YouTube creator has managed to near-perfectly blend the two films together, using footage from Monsters University alongside the audio from Call Me By Your Name's trailer. The end result, which can be seen at the top of this article, is a hilarious take on both films.

Monsters University Meets Call Me By Your Name

Thankfully, this means that some of the more adult moments of Call Me By Your Name haven't been given the Monsters University treatment just yet. Although it's certainly hilarious to see this mash-up of two films that are very different in terms of tone and content, it's definitely a relief to not have to see some kind of recreation of Call Me By Your Name's much talked-about peach scene within the Monsters University world.

In spite of the differences between the two films, it's still easy to see why Monsters University was a good pick to be combined with Call Me By Your Name. Both films have a strong focus on two central male characters, and although the relationships within (and the eventual outcomes of said relationships) are very different, that shared bedrock of both movies makes them ripe for a cheerful mash-up.

2017 has been a huge year for Call Me By Your Name. The film released to fantastic critical acclaim, earning itself some Golden Globe nominations alongside being named as one of the AFI movies of the year and a wealth of other nominations to boot. Let's see whether the movie can go one better than Monsters University and get itself a well-deserved Oscar nomination when the announcements arrive in January.

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Source: Mikey Heller

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