Pixar Monsters, Inc. Prequel Titled 'Monsters University'

Monster's Inc Prequel - Monster's University

Out of all of Pixar's excellent films, Monsters, Inc. is definitely one of my favorites. The story was smart and original, the characters were well-acted and entertaining, and the script had tons of heart.

So, when word came out a while back that Pixar was planning a second Monsters, Inc. film, I was both excited and hesitant. I have the utmost confidence in Pixar to deliver high quality movies, and the company hit it out of the park with all three Toy Story movies, but there's always a risk with sequels that the film will not live up to the original.

Then, rumors came out that the movie wouldn't be a sequel, but rather a prequel focused on Mike and Sully's college years - when they were bitter rivals training to be scarers for Monsters, Inc. Now we know that the prequel rumors are true. ComingSoon, reporting from CinemaCon, has shared the news that the film will be called Monsters University.

For me, that's the right call. While many fans would have liked to see Sully and Mike's further adventures with Boo (a direction the franchise would have gone - if animation studio Circle 7 had its way), I think that would have ruined the very sweet ending of the first film. With a prequel, we get to see the same characters we know and love, but in a new light that offers more context for the first film. It may still pale in comparison to the original, but at least it doesn't risk taking anything away from it either (from a story perspective).

Pixar and Disney movie Brave formerly The Bear and the Bow

Of course, if you're a Pixar purist, you might not be interested in anything but the company's next original film, Brave (formerly The Bear and the Bow). Earlier this week, we shared some interesting concept art from Brave. It looks good so far, which poses an interesting question.

Where do you stand on Pixar's upcoming films? Are you interested in original films, or do you want to see old characters brought back to life? Would you rather see Monsters University, Brave, or Cars 2?

Source: ComingSoon

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