Will 'Monsters, Inc. 2' Be A Prequel?

Mike and Sully in Monsters Inc.

To date, Pixar has done no wrong in my eyes and with a combined box office haul in the billions apparently the majority of the world agrees with me. Every time the studio announces a new project the worldwide consensus is that it will earn major dollars.

When Pixar announced their plans last year for Monsters, Inc. 2, many people where wondering if they could make a film entirely about monsters that make kids laugh. At the end of the first film, the monster society discovered they could produce more power from a child’s laugh than they could a scream – it was a great ending for the film but it didn’t feel like a strong enough motivator for a sequel.

According to the Dutch site Animatie, it appears that Disney and Pixar might not have to face that problem, as they are apparently planning on making Monsters, Inc. 2 a prequel and not a sequel. The story will apparently take audiences back to Sully (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike’s (voiced by Billy Crystal) college days where they were fierce rivals. While teaching their classes advanced techniques of scaring, Mike and Sully go from working against each other to becoming the best friends audiences know and love from the first film.

This information apparently came from a Disney catalogue of upcoming films sent to a French theater, and since there hasn’t been any confirmation by Pixar or Disney in regards to its validity you should take this RUMOR with a grain of salt.

Randall, Mike and Sully talk in Monsters, Inc.

However, in my opinion, this isn’t a bad direction to take the Monsters, Inc. franchise in. Besides giving viewers a chance to see how Mike and Sully became such good friends, a prequel would also open up the story to explaining the reasons behind Randall’s (voiced by Steve Buscemi) disdain for Sully. Taking the story back a few years really gives Pixar a multitude of options and gives them the ability to introduce a slew of new characters.  I’m sure the extra stock of marketable (read: sellable) merchandise wouldn’t hurt, either.

Monsters, Inc. 2 should scares its way into theaters November 2012. How do you feel about it being a prequel instead of a sequel?

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Source: Animatie via /Film

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