SR Pick [Gear]: Monster TRON Identity Disk iPod Audio Dock

Monster TRON iPod audio dock

Based on the reaction I've seen, this bad boy is one hot, "must have" piece of tech gear. I'm not much of an iPod music guy myself, but I do have a few classic albums on my iPhone (Billy Joel's "The Stranger," Springsteen's "Born to Run") that I don't listen to very often. So what better opportunity to do so than in the cool looking device pictured above?

Sure, I didn't give the best review ever to TRON: Legacy, but one thing I did say for it is that it sure was pretty - and this audio dock lives up to that for sure.

I fired it up on "Auto" (it senses when you insert or remove a device), plugged in my iPhone and after a moment it lit up. It didn't just light up, though - it flickered to life, reminiscent of the lighting effects from the original film. This took a few seconds until it was fully lit as in the image above. You can control what's playing either using the phone, the controls on the dock or a small remote control that's included with the unit.

When I turned up the volume, I have to say I was shocked at the quality level of the sound that come from the dock. You've seen those ads for that little Bose radio? Well this sounded like what they pitch in those commercials - the sound was surprisingly rich for a little desktop unit, including solid, deep base from the built-in subwoofer.

You can set it to display a random light show or to alternate the different lights in tune with the music.

Tron iPod dock

Here's the official description of the features of this audio dock:

Monster® Technology: A Total Immersion of Light and SoundMonster proudly unveils the future of sight, sound and style, inspired by the iconic disc featured in Disney's epic film, Tron. With its soothing, luminous glow, the dual-pipe lighting rings on the Tron Light Disc Sound Dock come alive to the rhythm of your favorite music. This dazzling synchronized display is more than a conversation piece - it's a technological work of art that brings the world of Tron straight into your home or office.

Exclusive Access to Monster® Game Grid Visualizer and Alarm ClockCompatible only with the Tron Light Disc Sound Dock, the Monster Visualizer is the first app to synchronize high-resolution graphics with your music and real lights seamlessly. The Monster-designed Light Drive System uses sophisticated microprocessors to individually control the Light Ring's LEDs. With the Monster Visualizer, your music now controls the Light Disc's LED array.

High-definition, High-performance Sound only Monster Can DeliverThe powerful five-speaker 2.1 system features four high-performance drivers that deliver ultra-crisp highs, a clear midrange, and extended low-end effects. For an even richer sound experience, the downfiring subwoofer produces room-filling bass. An automatic detector selects iPod®/iPhone® or auxiliary input when it receives a signal. Also included is a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input for your additional mp3 players, laptops, desktops, and other audio sources.

  • Iconic Tron iPod sound dock designed by Disney for the TRON: Legacy film
  • 2.1 channel speaker system with 4 patented high sensitivity midrange drivers and 1 x 3..5" long through down firing woofer
  • Monster's advanced Light Drive System with over 80 individually controlled energy-efficient LEDs
  • Built-in Tron disc lighting effect sequences synced to the power cycle and Monster Visualizer music application
  • Free Monster Visualizer and Alarm Clock app enables graphically driven EQ on iPhone and iPod Touch



These are out of stock right now, but they'll be available by the end of January. Check it out at


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