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Handler Monster Hunter World

Some of the NPCs in Monster Hunter: World are vital to the main story, but who are they voiced by? Since Capcom released the first Monster World back in 2004, the franchise has grown considerably to include not only the main generation games but several spinoffs, an anime series, and its own manga. Next year, Monster World will get the big screen treatment too in a feature-length fantasy blockbuster directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Event Horizon) and starring Milla Jovovich.

Monster Hunter: World is the fifth game in Capcom’s main Monster Hunter series and was released in 2018 to a flurry of flattering reviews. Alongside nabbing multiple awards for best RPG of the year, the game went on to rank as Capcom’s best-selling game after inching ahead of previous bestseller Resident Evil 5. By July 2019, Monster Hunter: World had sold 13 million copies worldwide since its initial release. Capcom’s success and the game’s popularity got an even bigger boost with the recent release of the Iceborne expansion which was as big a hit as the main game.

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The success of Monster Hunter: World is thanks in part to its talented voice cast. Here are some of the main NPCs that feature in the game and the actors who voiced them.

Commander Monster Hunter World

The Handler – Eden Rigel

The Handler works closely with the player’s hunter character to conduct research into the New World’s monsters for the Research Commission. She’s voiced by Eden Riegel of All My Children and Final Fantasy XV fame.

The Commander – Jamieson Price

Gamers might recognize Jamieson Price’s booming voice as the same behind the announcer in the last three Mortal Kombat games. His Monster Hunter: World character is a veteran of the first fleet to arrive in the New World and the de facto leader of the Research Commission.

The Field Team Leader – Matthew Mercer

The Field Team Leader is the Commander’s grandson and has an unrivaled knowledge of the New World having been born and raised there. Matthew Mercer (Overwatch’s McCree) provides his voice.

The Admiral – Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar – who most recently voiced the Sandman in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order – voices the Admiral. He’s the official leader of the Research Commission but leaves the Commander in charge while he explores the New World.

The Tracker – Cindy Robson

The Tracker has been conducting ecological research on the New World since the arrival of the First Fleet, unearthing vital info about its mysterious ecosystem. She’s played by Cindy Robinson whose may sound familiar to anime fans as she recently voiced Queen Beryl in Sailor Moon.

The Seeker – Keith Silverstein

Another Monster Hunter: World voice actor is Keith Silverstein who voiced Zack in Dead or Alive 6. His character is the Seeker – a member of the rare Wyverian race and the only Wyverian hunter in the Research Commission.

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