Monster Hunter World Becomes Capcom's Fastest-Selling Game of All-Time

Capcom's Monster Hunter World began generating buzz before it was even released and that buzz has proven to be justified - now that the highly anticipated sequel has become Capcom's fastest selling video game of all time. Monster Hunter World has been billed as the perfect way to introduce newcomers into the Monster Hunter universe. The series allows players to hunt giant beasts with a variety of weapons, from bow guns to greatswords. Players can modify and build weapons and armor through the items and monster-based materials they gather through their missions. The game's latest updates were meant to create easier menu navigation and item usage.

The game will continue to be supported with free DLC that will offer new monsters like the popular Deviljho, which has been featured in at least seven games in the series thus far. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto says the free DLC is meant to keep players coming back long after the game's release, but some have noticed the huge departure from the traditional (and lately controversial) microtransaction method. A celebratory DLC pack, the "Commemorative Five Million Celebration Pack" has been released with loads of free goodies to reward buyers for helping the game succeed. Previous DLC linked the game to Gorilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn, giving players access to character items relating to the fantasy epic. Future DLC will bring in character themes from other Capcom properties, via Street Fighter's Ryu and Mega Man based items.

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So far, all of Tsujimoto's risks have paid off handsomely. Just two short weeks after its debut, Monster Hunter World has already become Capcom's fastest selling game to date, according to their official company site. Capcom also took the time to celebrate their achievement on their official Monster Hunter Twitter account. You can see the full tweet below:

IGN has additional details regarding the game's unbelievable success. Monster Hunter World sold an impressive 5 million units in the first three days following its much-hyped debut. Over the subsequent two weeks, the number of units shipped crossed the 6 million mark. These statistics are likely to increase after the PC version of the game releases this fall. World's unparalleled success has put it above the incredibly popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in terms of Xbox One and PlayStation 4's online store sales, despite PUBG's 3 million Xbox One sales.

Capcom celebrated the release of their uber-successful title with a fun contest seeking evidence of actual cryptids. Ten monsters are eligible for the $70,000 cash prize, including the notorious Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, and the Chupacabra. Capcom is simply seeking "conclusive" evidence of the monsters' existence.

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Source: Capcom, IGN

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