Monster Hunter Movie Set Photos Offer First Look At Game Adaptation

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Milla Jovovich, the star of the film adaptation of the Monster Hunter game series, has continued to post a number of photos on social media from the set. Previous pictures have focused on Jovovich herself and her costume and makeup, but newer photos from earlier in November showcase some of her co-stars, with a look at some props that indicate a modern, militaristic approach to this version of Monster Hunter.

This Monster Hunter film has been in the mind of Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson going all the way back to 2012, with the project gaining legs with the casting of Jovovich, Anderson's Resident Evil star and wife. The cast has since been rounded out with the additions of Ron Perlman and T.I. Harris. While the main premise and the look of the film haven't been described in too much detail as of yet, these pictures provided by Jovovich's social media accounts give an idea of what to expect from some of the characters that these cast members will play.

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On Instagram, Jovovich posted some set photos, and what they show is a far cry from what fans of the video game series may be used to seeing from the Japanese fantasy action RPGs. These characters are not donning armor or wielding melee weapons of any sort, and they certainly do not have any cute Palico animal companions with them. Instead, this tiny glimpse of the Monster Hunter film showcases brown, generic military uniforms, firearms, and vehicles, with an empty desert in the background. However, as a reminder, an older picture from Jovovich has her character, Captain Natalie Artemis, wield a "slinger" weapon from the series, showing that there may be more to this film's story than meets the eye.

The film is said to depict a team of soldiers that encounter a parallel world inhabited by monsters, and a character named "the Hunter" will be played by Tony Jaa in this film. With that in mind, it is possible that these photos represent scenes in the film before this team enters the world of monsters. In that respect, Anderson's film may be more of a Stargate-like experience rather than being like the strictly militaristic Transformers films from Michael Bay. As far as fans of the series know, these soldiers may find themselves in a world more accurate to the game.

Paul W.S. Anderson still seems like a left-field choice, given his stylistic choices in his other game adaptation Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat. Anderson may not be as infamous as Uwe Boll, with his films being considered guilty pleasure cult films, but most of his films have been lambasted by critics. Whatever the case, fans won't get a more accurate look at the film until they see Monster Hunter in motion through a trailer.

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