'Resident Evil' Director Wants to Adapt 'Monster Hunter' Games for the Big Screen

Monster Hunter Movie from Paul W.S. Anderson

A full decade after Resident Evil opened to an eventual $102 million worldwide gross, the fifth entry, Resident Evil: Retribution, is set for release this weekend.

The series’ box office success (and critical drubbing) has remained consistent throughout, but with the franchise seemingly winding down, director Paul W.S. Anderson (who has helmed three of the Resident Evil films and remained involved in the series throughout) may be moving from one Capcom video game series to another.

According to Punch Drunk Critics (as translated from Japanese site Cinema Today), Anderson is hoping to adapt Capcom’s Monster Hunter series for the big screen. Introduced on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004, the series (as its name implies) centers on a hunter who tracks and destroys various supernatural creatures - as assigned by a village elder. The original Monster Hunter has spawned numerous sequels, spinoffs and anime films, meaning that – like Resident Evil – there’s a wealth of material for Anderson to draw from for potential film adaptations.

There’s no indication thus far whether or not Resident Evil star – and Anderson’s wife – Milla Jovovich would appear in the proposed film, but given that Anderson has successfully brought the Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat series to theaters, he’s certainly a viable choice for turning Monster Hunter into a multi-film franchise. The premise also sounds promising for big screen adaptation, though the monster-hunting protagonist concept does bear some similarity to Stephen Sommer’s 2004 misfire Van Helsing.

'Resident Evil' Movie

It’s also unclear what Anderson’s involvement in Monster Hunter means for his long-time attachment to a big-screen version of classic video game Castlevania. In either case, Anderson fans hungry for another action-packed video game adaptation should be pleased - and regardless of what detractors may think of his ability as a filmmaker, Anderson and Monster Hunter is definitely a decent marriage, at least from a business standpoint.

Does Monster Hunter sound like a good fit for Anderson, Screen Rant readers? Moreover, is it a film you’d be interesting in seeing?


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on Monster Hunter and the future of the Resident Evil series.

Source: Cinema Today [via Punch Drunk Critics]

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