'Monk' Returning For TV Movie; Sequel Already Planned

Monk TV Movie

After almost three years of being off the air, Monk creator Andy Breckman has revealed that everyone's favorite obsessive compulsive detective will be returning to television this year in a two-hour TV movie.

Speaking with MY9TV.COM, Breckman said that he had "just" finished writing the script for Adrian Monk's long-awaited return. Continuing, Breckman went on to say that the Monk TV movie will be titled "Mr. Monk for Mayor," and will see Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) run for mayor of San Francisco.

While there has been no word from USA about Monk's return, Breckman said that the TV movie is set to begin filming this summer and is expected to premiere on television this December. And if news of a Monk TV movie isn't enough to have fans stocking up on wet-wipes, Breckman also noted that if "Mr. Monk for Mayor" is successful, he's all ready to write a sequel.

Even without any formal announcement from the network and/or confirmation from any of the actors involved, it's hard to doubt anything Breckman is saying.

For USA, Monk was the first breakout hit for the network – a series that many credit for helping the network become the cable television juggernaut that it still is today. And while Monk may have ended almost three years ago, it wasn't because of low ratings, but because Breckman felt that he had told all of the Adrian Monk stories he wanted to tell.

Now that Breckman has returned to writing stories of an eccentric detective with keen observations, there really isn't any reason for Monk not to return, especially if everyone involved in the original series is onboard (which it sounds like they are).

In the Monk series finale, the truth about his wife's death was revealed and some heartbreakingly earnest growth to the character was shown. Catching up with San Francisco's famed detective three years later, "Mr. Monk for Mayor" opens up numerous avenues for Breckman to breathe new life into the characters that fans followed for over 8 years.

Not to mention, it will provide fans with something that is always wanted when a series comes to an end: a chance to know what happens next.


The Monk TV movie is expected to air this December on USA

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Source: MY9TV.COM


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