What Happened To Monica After Friends Ended

Courtney Cox as Monica in Friends

What happened to Monica Geller after Friends ended? The character was played by actress Courtney Cox for all 236 episodes over the show's decade-long run. Cox, however, didn't reprise her role for a spinoff as was the case with Matt LeBlanc and his show, Joey.

Monica was the kind and caring one out of all the friends but she was also neurotic, especially when it came to cleanliness. She was amusingly bossy and acquired the motherly role within the group. Monica was often competitive, which could have stemmed from growing up in her brother Ross' (David Schwimmer) shadow for most of her life. Her Greenwich Village apartment served as one of the show's primary settings, with the characters often gathered there.

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By the end of Friends season 7, Monica married Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). For the next few seasons, they contemplated starting a family. In season 9, Monica and Chandler visited a fertility clinic after failing to conceive a child for over a year of trying. Monica learned that her chances of having a child were very low so the couple turned to adoption. They eventually agreed to adopt the child from a woman named Erica (Anna Faris) but it turned out she had twins. In the Friends series finale, Monica and Chandler move with their twins, Jack and Erica, to the suburbs in order to provide them with the ideal family life. After leaving the big city behind, nothing is known about Monica's fate.


Unlike Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Monica was not mentioned in the Friends spinoff, Joey. Anything that was presented about Monica post-season 10 is just speculation. Monica did acquire her dream job as the Head Chef at the Manhattan restaurant, Javu, in season 9, although there's no indication if Monica kept her job after she moved to the suburbs but it seems unlikely that she would have quit. Monica probably became the quintessential soccer mom while also handling her chef duties. It also wouldn't be a surprise if Monica was in charge of making sure Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) regularly came over for gatherings.

The rumors for a Friends revival have been circulating for years. There's still no indication that such an event will ever come into fruition but Cox has stated that she would be interested. She joined co-star Aniston in sharing her interest in reprising her Friends role but recognizes that there probably a slim chance that it would actually happen.

Since Friends ended in 2004, Cox has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. Her most notable roles included her reprisal as Gale Weathers in 2011's Scream 4 and her lead role in Cougar Town. Cox also appeared in an episode of Shameless' eighth season. Most recently, the actress created a Facebook web series called 9 Months with Courteney Cox. Fans hopeful for a Friends reboot will need to keep their fingers crossed for now.

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