Money Monster Trailer: George Clooney & Julia Roberts Under Pressure

Jack O'Connell was the breakout star of Angelina Jolie's Unbroken, proving himself as a strong actor capable of delivering a powerful and emotive talent. O'Connell now joins Julia Roberts and George Clooney to star in Sony Picture's Money Monster, a new political thriller directed by Jodie Foster.

Written by Jamie Linden (We Are Marshall), the script for Money Monster was then developed by Daniel Dubiecki, Lara Alameddine and Foster. Clooney stars as Lee Gates, financial guru and presenter of a money based TV show, who is taken hostage live on air by a gunman (O'Connell), who, it turns out, is a blue collar worker bitter after losing all his money in a 'sure-fire' fund scheme. He demands answers to the question of how his losses could have occurred, before the end of trading. Roberts plays the TV show producer tasked with trying to save Gates' life, and handling the media frenzy that ensues.

The first trailer for Money Monster has dropped online and can be viewed, above.

Money Monster Trailer

Money Monster unfolds in real-time, and aims to highlight the ever-growing wealth gap between rich and poor in the U.S. economy. In that respect, it brings to mind a film like The Big Short, though Money Monster takes a very different approach in terms of genre. Speaking to Yahoo! Movies about the film, Foster says that though this is a subject she feels passionately about, Money Monster is more about the relationship and understanding that develops between Gates and the gunman, who realize they're both fighting for the same thing.

“It’s really hard to explain to somebody what happened to their money. It takes an hour and a half of tense time to tell him what happened. It is rigged for the elite who understand the system. It’s specifically intended that the casual stockholder does not have the benefit of the best choices... Watching these two men, who you start out thinking that they’re one thing, and then you watch them change through the course of meeting each other and engaging with each other."

The Money Monster trailer certainly makes the movie look intense and gripping. O'Connell's performance, what we see of it, looks good, and he definitely seems to grasp the emotions of the situation. It's also great to see Roberts and Clooney re-teaming after their work on Oceans, but interesting to note that they have few Money Monster scenes together. Foster revealed that Roberts primarily had to act her scenes alone while staring at monitors that were either green, or had pre-recorded material for her to match her dialogue to.

Money Monster arrives in U.S. theaters on May 13th, 2016.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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