Mondo Unveils Daredevil & Scarlet Witch Posters

Daredevil and Scarlet Witch Posters by Mondo

If one thing is true about geeks, it's that we are proud of our merch. Collectibles and limited edition items featuring our favorite characters sell quickly, because everybody wants to be the first to own original artwork, soundtracks on vinyl, or character action figures. These limited edition items tend to sell quickly and sell well, making them a go-to for merch companies and fans alike. At the same time, though, some limited edition merch can even be fan or creator made, as anybody who's ever been to an artist's alley can attest.

Comic book characters in particular have a nearly century-long history of lending their faces and figures to collectible merchandise. These heroes have seen multiple reincarnations, depending on who draws their comics or plays them in movies. Two Marvel characters have recently seen a resurgence in fan interest: Daredevil, following his wildly successful Netflix show, and Scarlet Witch, after her showstopping appearance in the second Avengers film and Captain America: Civil War.

Limited edition merch distributor Mondo has taken advantage of this renewed interest and released some beautiful posters honoring those two Marvel characters. Artist Greg Ruth provided two Daredevil posters -- an original and a variant -- while David Aja designed two mod Scarlet Witch prints. Check out the tweet from Mondo announcing the new merch, along with images of each poster, below:

DAREDEVIL by @GregRuth & SCARLET WITCH by @davaja are ON SALE NOW!

— MONDO (@MondoNews) January 19, 2017

Mondo is notorious for their quickly-selling products -- as of right now (1 p.m. EST), the site has already sold out of both Daredevil posters, so any Scarlet Witch fans should snag theirs ASAP. It's expected that the character (as played by Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) will next appear onscreen in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War.

Wherever Scarlet Witch's cinematic career goes after Infinity War, her comics appearances are still as captivating as ever. And with Daredevil season 3 not due until 2018 (though Matt Murdock will feature heavily in The Defenders this year), cool collectibles like these help fans remember the characters they know and love. The artistry behind each print is similarly captivating, with Daredevil's designs paying homage to the iconic Hell's Kitchen setting, and Scarlet Witch's providing a romantic beauty unique to the character herself.

These are beautiful homages to some of Marvel's most beloved characters -- the only downside is that they run out so quickly. It's likely all of these designs will be completely gone by the end of the day, so snag them while you can -- or keep track of Mondo's future sales, as mre gorgeous items are likely on the way.

Source: Mondo

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