Marvel's War of The Realms Gets its Own Mondo Poster

War of the Realms Marvel Comic Thor

Marvel’s latest Thor-centric crossover event War of The Realms is without a doubt one of the most compelling stories to come out of The House of Ideas in years. And it's getting its own jaw-dropping Mondo poster as a result.

By mixing Marvel's fan-favorite characters with the magical world of Asgard and its enemies, writer Jason Aaron has certainly crafted an epic run for the ages. Where else can you see Spider-Man get new magic powers, riding into battle against Frost Giants and Dark Elves atop The Queen of all Pegasi with whom he shares a telepathic connection due to a magical helmet? For more than just Thor, it’s absolutely absurd... and we're loving every minute of it. Apparently, so is the team at Mondo.

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With Thor's popularity soaring higher than ever before, now is as good a time as any to catch up on the Norse themed saga. To celebrate its success, Marvel and nerd/pop culture collectibles site Mondo have teamed up with artist Matt Taylor to create one of the most vibrant and truly astonishing art prints that we’ve ever laid our mortal eyes on. What Taylor has drawn is a technicolor masterpiece of mythic proportions, encapsulating everything that makes Marvel so special--with The Mighty Thor in all his thunderous glory at the dead center. Limited to a painfully sparse 275 copies, the 24"x36" print will no doubt be in high demand. Check it out below:

Mondo Poster Marvel War of the Realms

Along with the unveiling comes official comment from artist Matt Taylor, who confirms that this outstanding artwork is a labor of love to both Thor the character, and writer Jason Aaron's entire run culminating in the War of The Realms:

"Thor is the best, this is an indisputable fact. Whether he’s being played by Chris Hemsworth or written by Jason Aaron he is a character who manages to seamlessly marry pomposity, heart, grandeur, cosmic excess, Nordic folklore and, on occasion, frogs... Getting to make this art for War of the Realms was the most fun, and the series so far has been an absolute blast to read; it has managed to capture all of his traits up there with the exception of the frogs. But there’s still an issue left to go so anything could happen..."

The official word from Mondo states that the print is set to go on sale on at a random time tomorrow, June 6th, 2019. In our experience, they typically go live around 12:00 pm PST (but they can be followed on Twitter to get notified the instant they hit the store). It’s not uncommon for prints from Mondo to sell out within mere seconds of being unlocked, so we recommend using PayPal’s express checkout feature to preemptively enter your payment and shipping info for your best shot at nabbing one of these magnificent works of art.

There are really only two things that comic book fans cherish more than anything in this world: and no, Venom the Asgardian Knight isn't what we're referring to here. It's limited edition collectibles and incredible art of our favorite heroes. When you combine the two, nothing in The Nine Realms can stop us from acquiring them. With that said, best of luck to all who think themselves worthy of this godlike print! Keep your eyes peeled to Mondo around noon PST tomorrow and be sure to smash the refresh button on your web browser with the might of Mjolnir for good measure!

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Source: Mondo

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