Jessica Chastain in Molly's Game Gets a Trailer Preview


The first look at the Aaron Sorkin-penned and Jessica Chastain-led Molly's Game has been revealed. There are few Hollywood writers who have established the same kind of reputation for themselves like Aaron Sorkin has too. Starting with A Few Good Men in 1992, Sorkin has gone on to pen a string of consistent critical successes over the past few decades. Some of the more notable titles have included The American President, Charlie Wilson's War, Steve Jobs, Moneyball, and The Social Network, the latter of which he won an Academy Award for writing. That's not to mention the amount of work Sorkin has done on TV as well, with shows like The West Wing, The Newsroom, and Sports Night.

As such, Molly's Game would have been one of this year's most promising possible awards contenders, had it just been based on a screenplay written by Sorkin, but the film is notable for also being the veteran writer's feature directorial debut. So after having already proven himself as one of the most talented and singular writers in Hollywood history, Molly's Game will be the first time Sorkin has ever been given the opportunity to prove his worth at the helm of an entire production.

Fortunately, the first full trailer for Molly's Game will be released online tomorrow, and in anticipation of that, STX Entertainment has released a brief trailer teaser this morning for Sorkin fans to check out. And while it doesn't reveal much about the film's characters or central plot, it does set up Jessica Chastain's Molly Bloom and the film's central gambling premise fairly well. You can check out the Molly's Game teaser for yourself now, in the space above.


Based on the memoir of the same name by one-time Olympic skiing hopeful Molly Bloom, Molly's Game follows Bloom as she finds herself - through a strange twist-of-fate - running the world’s biggest underground, high-stakes poker game, where she was catering to Hollywood stars, corporate titans, and even Russian mobsters. But when Bloom winds up arrested by the FBI, she strikes up a partnership with her criminal defense attorney, played by Idris Elba, where she tries to prove to both him and the world, that she's not the same person the tabloids have sold her as being.

Unsurprisingly, considering Sorkin's reputation in the industry, the writer-turned-director has managed to assemble an impressive ensemble of actors for himself here, including Chastain, Elba, Chris O'Dowd, Kevin Costner, Bill Camp, Michael Cera, and more. And for anyone familiar with Bloom's story, it's hard to think of someone more capable of turning her complex poker game set ups and behind-the-scenes dealings into an understandable and entertaining narrative than Sorkin. All of which is to say that everything is pointing towards Molly's Game being yet another critical success and milestone moment in Sorkin's career, so now, all that waits to be seen is if the highly-anticipated film is able to live up to its own promise, when it hits theaters in just a few short months.


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Source: STX Entertainment

Key Release Dates
  • Molly's Game (2017) release date: Dec 25, 2017
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