Modern Family: 6 Romances That Ended Too Soon (& 4 That Didn't End Soon Enough)

The Modern Family kids have had a variety of romantic partners. Some of these sitcom couples were shipworthy, but others weren't endgame.

For 11 seasons, we've watched our favorite families on Modern Family go through the ups and downs of parenting. From kids going away to college to make-ups and breakups to death, the Pritchett-Delgados, Dunphys, and Pritchett-Tuckers have seen and done it all.

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While these families develop, there has been more than a handful of relationships that we've come to love and hate. Some longtime fans love seeing Haley and Dylan finally become their own family while others still stan her and Andy. Likewise, Alex is a smart girl who really hit it off with Ben, but she has this inner bully that causes her to treat boyfriends horribly. Through all the ups and downs Modern Family throws our way, we're taking a look at which relationships we wish lasted longer and which should have ended sooner.


Haley and Andy couldn't have been more different when they first met. Andy was a young man who had a good head on his shoulders and loved kids, which is why he became a "manny" for Gloria and Jay. At the time, Haley didn't know what she wanted to do after she got kicked out of college.

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The more these two got to know one another, though, Haley realized Andy had the same qualities as her dad and it made her fall for him in a new way. Sadly, Andy moved away for work and Haley had a hard time getting over him. She even said he was the first man she ever loved — even though she was on and off with Dylan for years before she met Andy.


In an attempt to make her boyfriend jealous, a 12th grader named Sam began dating Manny. Manny, of course, had no idea what Sam was doing and was devastated when he found out she cheated on him with her old boyfriend while Manny was on the field at the football game. Jay and Gloria both knew that Sam was way too advanced for Manny. She was older than him, drove a cool car, and was out of his league, so to speak. It seemed like they broke up just as quickly as they started.


Luke never came out and said he was dating Rhonda, but there was definitely something between them that was never explored. We first saw her in the episode "iSpy" and again where the two were found wrestling in "Spring-a-Ding-Fling." She was a tomboy and could totally hang with the guys, which Luke loved.

Claire helped Rhonda get ready for the dance where she looked like a "girl," and Luke wanted his mom to "change her back" due to him liking who she was before the makeover. There seemed to be real chemistry here that could have been great for Luke.


Modern Family Alex and Sanjay

Sanjay was the first person Alex loved and hated. She never really had a serious relationship before Sanjay and when the two finally got together, they were hot and heavy. Since they finally started dating during senior year, they planned on breaking up before college (which would have been the smart thing to do). However, Alex knew that she and Sanjay could beat the long-distance relationship odds. Sadly, they didn't. Sanjay cheated on her and subsequently broke her heart. They should have enjoyed what they had in high school and let bygones be bygones.

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When Haley was hung up on Andy, he was with his longtime girlfriend, Beth. But after Andy fell ill, it was Haley who was first to his bedside. She told him how she felt when he was sleeping and wished things were different, but on her way out of the hospital room, she ran into a handsome doctor named Will. Haley and Will hit it off and began dating shortly after.

Not only was he handsome, but he was brilliant and someone who could have taught Haley a lot about professionalism and life. Thanks to Haley feeling so strongly about Andy, though, she ended things with Will after a couple of weeks.


Sal is Mitchell and Cameron's best "girl that's a friend." She's wild, spontaneous, and quivers at the thought of monogamy. She's also not a fan of Mitch and Cam's daughter Lily because she stole them away from her. Although Sal didn't have the biggest part on Modern Family, she was still a fun part of the show and a big part of the guys' lives.

Fast forward to 2013 and Sal ends up falling for a guy named Tony. She feels so strongly for him that the two get married, but by the time we see Sal again, she's divorced, dating a dude named Eddie...and pregnant. Although Sal didn't stay with Tony for long, they seemed like the perfect pair because they both cheated on each other, admitted it, and loved each other even more because of it.


Whether you stan Haley or Dylan or not, you have to admit that while these two have love for one another, they do not make the other person better. They should have fizzled out in high school. Yes, it's sweet that they have always fallen back into each other's arms when they hit a brick wall, but it's also repetitive.

Haley and Dylan are still of the mindset that things haven't changed since high school, when, in fact, everything has changed. They may be married and parents to twins in Season 11, but Haley had so many other amazing options for a husband than Dylan; options that made Haley a better person and push the boundaries.


Manny seemed to be doing just fine in the lady department when he went off to college. In fact, the first woman that he brought home to meet his mom and Jay was a woman named Karen Fisk. As it turned out, Karen was his professor at school and the two seemed to really hit it off. They had similar interests and Karen adored the romantic brain that Manny had. However, it's not very professional to be dating your students as a college professor, so these too fizzled out quickly. And while Manny is an adorable young man who deserves someone his own age, we could also see him with a mature, older woman like Karen.

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It's not until Season 9 when Alex begins dating Bill that we realized she's a bully. Thanks to a one-on-one talk with Haley, Alex is made aware of the fact that she's mean to her boyfriends when they're not as smart as her. She also belittles them and makes them feel unimportant. We always felt sympathy for Alex growing up as the loner of the family, but it's hard to feel bad for her when she's being so mean to men who actually care about her.

Ben, for instance, was really smitten for Alex and treasured her from afar after working with Claire. He was a little older than Alex, but she appreciated him. The longer they dated, though, the more Alex hated everything Ben did. Why didn't she break up with him sooner?


Yes, many of the entries in this list are between Haley and one of her suitors, but that's because she dated the most out of all the main characters. But when she began dating Arvin, viewers (and her parents) thought he was endgame. He was smitten with her from the start, even though they practically had nothing in common. Yet, they fit so well together. Arvin protected Haley and treated her as an equal (unlike Alex). Sadly, Haley ducked out of this relationship before they had a real fighting chance.

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