Modern Family: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

As Modern Family enters its final season this fall, we can't help but look back at all of the relationships the characters have gone through. Each relationship has helped to shape a character's development, but some were just too weird to watch.

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Ultimately, some of these relationships were loved by fans, while others just didn't fly. Of course, we are all behind the main relationships and marriages that create the core balance of the show. But what about the other relationships? We're taking a deep look at these couplings before we say a final goodbye to Modern Family.

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Modern Family Haley and Andy
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Modern Family Haley and Andy

When it comes to Haley's relationships, fans are generally on Team Andy or Team Dylan. Up until Haley's pregnancy reveal, there was a pretty big fan movement to bring Andy (played by Adam Devine) back. Andy is the first person that Haley ever loved. This says a lot because Haley's relationships tend to be superficial. Even though they didn't last, Andy is always going to be a fan favorite because he is the one who made Haley realize that she deserves real love.

Their chemistry together was undeniable. He genuinely loved her and cared about her, even after their breakup. Additionally, he helped her grow a lot as a person and just become better overall. Andy is also a favorite within Haley's own family. Phil loves Andy like his own son and was just as devastated when he left.


Modern Family Alex and Sanjay

In theory, Alex and Sanjay should have worked because they're both equally smart. But their relationship was full of unhealthy competition and tension. They start out as high school rivals who refused to share the valedictorian title. Eventually, they start dating, but they go off to college and long-distance doesn't work for them.

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Alex is someone who needs to be the intellectual superior in the relationship, and fans are well aware of this. The fact that he ended up cheating on her just helps prove that he wasn't right for her.


Modern Family Alex and Bill

Alex's current boyfriend, the attractive firefighter Bill, is definitely a fan favorite. The two met when he rescued her from her dorm room fire after she burned some pizza bagels, which is just romantic. Bill isn't smart at all, but he's genuine, caring, and sweet. This is what Alex needs most.

He has no problem with her being the intelligent one and is there to support her. Fans love the dynamic between the two, and he's definitely someone who helps Alex be more humble overall. Here's hoping these two last through the final season.


Modern Family Manny Heartbroken

While she seemed perfect for Manny, Sherry just caused way too much tension in his life and was kind of rude and arrogant with his family. In fact, many fans found her downright unbearable. But that was kind of the point. At first, no one even believed that Manny had a girlfriend until she unexpectedly came to live with them.

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Then, she drove Gloria and Jay nuts. She did a terrible impersonation of Gloria that was pretty rude, and she acted entitled even though she was a guest in their home. Thankfully, even though she broke Manny's heart, at least she's gone now.


Modern Family Haley and Dylan

The Haley and Dylan relationship is one that divides a lot of fans. There are the haters, who believe that her choice to marry and have babies with Dylan is just her character regressing back to her old days. However, there are a lot of Team Dylan fans out there that are happy with the way things have gone. Dylan was Haley's first boyfriend, after all.

He was always in her life. In this way, it does make sense that she would go back to him after everyone else. But he doesn't seem to be getting any smarter. At least he has a job, now that the two have twin babies to care for. Hopefully, the twins are what make these two finally grow up.


Modern Family Alex and Ben

Most fans agreed that this relationship was more creepy than anything else. It makes sense for Alex to be with an older guy given her intellectual abilities. But a lonely grown man who still lives with his mother and works for Claire isn't the right choice.

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Ben was just a way for Alex to release some kind of weird feelings she had inside, and most people don't believe she actually even liked him that much. Luckily, this relationship didn't last very long and it was over with before they got too deep into anything.


Modern Family Pepper and Ronaldo

While these two aren't main characters, fans couldn't help but love when they got together. Pepper is Mitch and Cam's condescending, yet hilarious, friend, while Ronaldo kind of lets Pepper boss him around.

One of the biggest reasons that fans loved Pepper and Ronaldo getting together was because it was a sort of happy ending for both of them. Pepper has planned over 50 gay weddings in his life, but never his own. He finally found his match. That's pure happiness.


Modern Family Luke and Jenny

One of the more recent relationships on the show was Luke's relationship with an older female member at the golf club. During season 10, episode 19, "Yes-Woman," Claire decides to say yes more often and stop being so negative.

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This backfires because she inadvertently encourages Jenny to date her younger boyfriend without realizing it's her own son. It's just weird to see Luke parenting Jenny's daughter as if he's suddenly mature. It was also cringe-worthy to see Claire reacting to Luke's abs (without realizing it was her son, of course).


Modern Family Haley and Arwin

For the most part, people generally approved of Haley dating Arwin, the older physics professor at Alex's school. Despite the fact that Alex secretly had a crush on him, he was a decent choice for Haley because he was established and successful. It helped prevent Haley from going back to her old, shallow ways and try to be better for herself.

Fans didn't necessarily love this relationship, but it wasn't bad for her, and with Andy gone, he was at least better for her future.


Modern Family Alex and Reuben

While this relationship was funny, it wasn't good for Alex. She was perpetually embarrassed by Reuben and wouldn't admit she was hooking up with him. Reuben had always had a crush on Alex, but she saw him as a weird, dorky friend of Luke's. She uses him as a rebound to help get over Sanjay, but this relationship didn't cut it for most fans.

Anytime they were shown together, it was just weird and awkward. Fortunately, these two didn't last very long.

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