Modern Family: All Of Haley’s Love Interests, Ranked

Played by Sarah Hyland, Modern Family's Haley Dunphy has gone through some substantial changes over the years. She started out as a completely oblivious typical teenage girl who cared only about fashion, her social life and being pretty. However, over time, she's become a more independent woman who has carved out a career for herself. Along the way, she's dated some real keepers, as well as some real losers.

Haley is generally known for playing the field and being popular with the guys. What she's not known for is always having the best judgment when it comes to those guys. Over the course of the show, she's started to learn about prioritizing happiness and love over good looks and bad boy vibes, and her track record definitely shows that. While she's in a happy place right now with her new babies and husband, we should never forget the mistakes she's made along the way.

So, we're ranking all of Haley's love interests from worst to best. Who do you think will be number one?

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Jason Mantzoukas as Kenny Modern Family
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Jason Mantzoukas as Kenny Modern Family

Haley dates this older, creepy weirdo just to get back at Phil. And it definitely gets Phil's attention. He even gifts Phil with a pair of jeans that Phil claims feel like a diaper. So, the guy can't even make comfortable jeans.

We meet Kenny in season four, episode 12, "Party Crasher." He's played by Jason Mantzoukas, who plays dirtballs to perfection – he even told Seth Meyers he gets typecasted as weirdos. Kenny is, in Phil's words, a "slimy, middle-aged jeans salesman." Of course, we know that this love interest thankfully wasn't really an actual boyfriend, so he gets the worst slot on the list. At the end of the episode, Phil can't take it anymore and goes running after Haley to stop her from making this huge mistake. Turns out, she'd already stopped herself. He's just that bad.


Haley Dunphy of Modern Family

This ex-con is never shown on camera, but we know he exists because he's mentioned. According to Haley, she doesn't bring him in the house because she knows her parents would never approve of him. He also apparently works at a florist shop.

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She mentions him in season six, but the relationship doesn't really go anywhere for obvious reasons. Clearly he's not a winner, so we're glad he never made it past one mention.


Adam Hagenbuch as Scott on Modern Family

Scott is also a dirtbag, but he's kind of important because he makes Haley realize that she wants someone like Andy, and is sick of dating the "bad boys." In season five, episode 17, "Other People's Children," Haley is waiting for Scott to pick her up when she watches Andy and Phil filming a video for Andy to send to his girlfriend. At first, she thinks it's stupid, but then she realizes that this is what caring guys do for their girlfriends. It makes her re-think the losers she's been dating who sit in the driveway and honk for her to come out. Haley is about to get in Scott's car, but then she has a realization. She tells him, "You know what? I'd rather go on a date with someone who would go through a blizzard for me and only honks for the troops." That person she's describing is Andy. Hey, at least he's not an ex-con like a certain someone above.


Robbie Amell as Chase on Modern Family

Chase seemed like a nice guy, but realistically he was dumber than Haley is. They could have been great together, but there were too many factors to make it happen. The main factor being Andy. In season six, episode 17, "Closet? You'll Love it!" Haley and Chase go on what is supposed to be a double date with Andy and his girlfriend. However, Andy's girlfriend doesn't show up, which gives Haley and Andy time to realize that there are sparks between them.

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Chase also appeared in a pivotal moment in Haley's timeline: when she finally admits that she has feelings for Andy. At the end of the episode, Andy gets sent to the hospital, where Haley confesses her feelings for him because she thinks he's asleep. Turns out, he's not asleep. So, let's value him for his place as a stepping stone to get to Andy.


Matt Prokop as Ethan on Modern Family

We met Ethan briefly in season three, episode 22, "Disneyland," when the family goes to Disneyland. Claire invites him because she wants him to distract Haley from Dylan and thinks he would be a good choice to move on with. There's nothing really wrong with him. In fact, Haley decides she likes him and gives him a shot. Unfortunately for Ethan, Dylan shows up (as he usually does). After bouncing back and forth between liking Ethan and going back to Dylan, Haley finally decides to go back to Dylan. In the end, Ethan and Dylan have a little fighting match over Haley, but Dylan wins.

Ethan could have been a good match for Haley, especially since we know he was already Claire-approved. We also know he's good-looking and smart. When they meet him, Cam remarks, "Where did you find him, a Tommy Hilfiger catalog?" Claire tells him not only that, but he got 2200 on his SATs. But we don't really get the chance to get to know him further.

Fun fact: Ethan was actually played by Sarah Hyland's boyfriend at the time, Matt Prokop.


Nathan Fillion as Rainer Shine on Modern Family

Rainer is a local weatherman who Phil desperately wants to be friends with. This backfires when he realizes he has inadvertently set him up with Haley. However, he eventually accepts the relationship after realizing Rainer will still be his friend. While he was significantly older than Haley, Rainer was actually a pretty decent match for her. Rainer and Haley bond over things like skincare and makeup. When Rainer and Haley are planning on going on vacation, he tells Haley, "Good news, the box of hair products we pre-shipped has arrived and is waiting for us at the resort." Now that's a common interest alright.

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In season eight, episode 18, "Five Minutes," Rainer actually proposes to Haley, but she turns him down. She realizes that she wants different things out of life, and Rainer can't give them to her.


Chris Geere as Arvin on Modern Family

Arvin wasn't really a good match for Haley. She meets him when she sneaks into Alex's class and ends up disrupting his science lesson. Afterward, he tells her he's not sure why, but he feels he's going to marry her. Kind of weird, right? Sure, he's smart and sophisticated and a great influence on Haley's maturity levels. Also, he could definitely provide for her in the future without worrying her parents that she'll end up living in some kind of commune. But for many loyal viewers, the spark wasn't really there.

Also, Alex was in love with him first, which is a red flag. The breaking point was when he hid who Haley really was from his mom because he thought she wouldn't approve of her not being smart. That's not cool. Ultimately, Haley has trouble deciding between him and Dylan. She picks Dylan.


Nick Ballard as Will on Modern Family

This guy seemed to be the total package. He was a doctor, was handsome, and seemed really into Haley. He appears in season six, episode 19, "Grill, Interrupted." In the episode, Will repeatedly sees Haley and Andy in compromising situations (like removing their clothes after Andy spills juice on her) but thinks nothing of it because he's not the jealous type. He even asks Andy to help him write a card for Haley to express his feelings for her.

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The only reason that they broke up was that Haley didn't want a relationship. She just wanted a fling, but the doctor wanted more and Haley admits she thinks he's too clingy. We should also mention that it's around this time that Haley is beginning to realize she has feelings for Andy. Oh, what could have been...


Reid Ewing as Dylan on Modern Family

Obviously, Dylan should be the number one pick because he is now the father of Haley's children and her husband. But he still wasn't always the best choice. We know that Claire has never really liked him, and to this day has never actually fully accepted him. But Phil considers him one of his buds. Phil was more heartbroken than Haley was during some of their many breakups. He and Haley were on-and-off-again for the entire show, and there are many reasons they should have just stayed off. Firstly, Dylan had zero motivations and life goals for himself, which rubbed off badly on Haley. Secondly, he seems to keep drifting around from place to place and doesn't seem to know who he is half the time.

However, we have to be fair to Dylan. He's changed a lot over the show, and even though he's still not the smartest person ever, he does have a good job now and a good head on his shoulders. Plus, he does genuinely love Haley and always has. Even when she treated him terribly in the first few seasons. In season ten, episode four, "Torn Between Two Lovers," Dylan comes back to fight for Haley and she ends up choosing him over Arvin.

Maybe we'll see him turn into a great dad and doting husband. As long as they don't stick with Pixar and Coachella for baby names.


Adam Devine as Andy on Modern Family

Andy is definitely a fan favorite. As Jay and Gloria's male nanny, Andy added that extra bit of optimism and fun to the Dunphy-Pritchett clan. In fact, many people were pretty peeved when these two didn't last. At one point Haley even says that he's the first guy she's ever loved. But these two had the best love story. They started out as two completely different people who couldn't stop bickering. Then, they fell for each other and realized they made each other better people. Andy made Haley realize that she deserved a nice guy who would care about her, while Haley made Andy realize that he deserved someone who appreciated him.

Andy was just the best – there isn't really any other way to say it. He was just like Phil (in the best way) and made Haley realize that she didn't want to be with hopeless losers anymore. There are also a lot of Modern Family fans that would agree that Haley should have ended up with Andy. When the show announced she was pregnant, there was outrage, and part of that was because it meant Andy wasn't coming back. #TeamAndy forever.

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