Modern Family: 5 Worst Things Haley Did To Andy (& 5 Worst He Did To Her)

Modern Family's Andy and Haley were a very troubled "couple," and here are the 10 worst things these reluctant lovers did to one another.

In the fifth season of Modern Family, Gloria and jay were in need of a nanny for their youngest son Joe, but Gloria didn't trust anyone to do a better job than she could. That's when she met Andy, the male nanny ("Manny"). Andy was young, great with kids, and helped families get back in shape through his healthy meals and exercises. He was upbeat and positive, which isn't something Gloria and Jay can always promise.

It was while he was nannying for the Pritchett-Delgados that he met Haley. The two started off on rough terms, especially due to Haley's rude remarks on his profession and "invisible" girlfriend but over time these two spiraled into a happy and functional relationship.

Andy eventually moved back to Utah, and our favorite couple broke up, so let's take a look back at 10 times they were awful to one another.

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10 She Didn't Help Him Clean The Glass Out Of The Pool

In Haley and Andy's first encounter, they meet at Jay and Gloria's house where Andy is watching Joe. Haley came over to use her grandfather's pool and had no idea Gloria hired a "manny." Andy eventually realizes which family member Haley is by her not-so-smart reply and senses she's bad news.

Haley grabs a beer and heads to the backyard to enjoy it by the pool, but, by the time Andy tries to grab it from her, the two go back and forth before the glass drops and breaks, shattering glass into the pool.

9 Andy Led Her On

Haley may have been the wild child in this relationship, but Andy wasn't always sweet and innocent. Even before these two confronted one another about their mutual feelings, Andy totally led Haley on while having a very serious relationship with Beth (who lived a couple of hours away). Haley knew he was a taken-man, of course, but she fell deeper for him the more the two hung out (which was all the time).

8 But Haley Led Him On, Too

Thanks to Alex and Claire, they knew Haley had it bad for Andy but they helped her realize that Andy was an emotional guy who may not be ready for someone like her. He was dating someone for over eight years, and, if he was going to leave that relationship for Haley, only for Haley to leave him a week later, that would have been pretty messed up.

Andy eventually found himself in the hospital where Haley let him know he had a shot with her, but, a couple of episodes later, we see that she wasn't as ready for a serious relationship as she thought...

7 Andy Seemed Unaffected By The Zombie Love Movie

After Haley and Andy finally realize they have deep feelings for each other, Andy is already engaged to Beth, and Haley is already back together with Dylan. They both realize that they wouldn't be right together and that their current partners are the better choice.

However, after running into Beth and Andy at the movies, Haley realizes that the movie they're watching is very reminiscent of her longing relationship with Andy. But did Andy seem to notice? No! When she confronts him, he admits the movie (and their dalliance) affected him, but it only made him feel closer to his fiance. Burn!

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6 Haley Ridiculued Andy For Having A "Made Up' Girlfriend

We learn quickly that Andy had a long-distance girlfriend named Beth who was in the US Coast Guard. Considering he's so goofy and it's hard to imagine him with such a terrific girlfriend who's a hero in her own right, Haley made remarks about his relationship being fake all the time.

She called Beth imaginary and that their relationship wasn't great if they've been doing distance for that long. Haley also belittled Andy for being a manny, which is pretty upsetting considering he worked for her family and did a fantastic job.

5 Andy Ignores Haley Rather Thank Talking It Out

When Andy and Beth finally broke up, fans were pumped for Andy and Haley to finally heat up. The two had been sleeping with each other for a while, so, did this mean they were automatically boyfriend and girlfriend?

Well, in "The Storm," Haley is getting the cold shoulder from Andy, leaving her feel rejected and confused. She then finds Beth's clothes in Andy's closet, making her think he's not over her. But, when we eventually learn Andy was just trying to slow their relationship down so they didn't fizzle out, it made all the sense in the world. We just wished he talked it over with Haley first.

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4 She Makes Fun Of The Video He Made For Beth

With Phil's help, Andy creates a video for Beth that proves how much he loves her. He explains all the things he would do to save and protect her, and, since Phil is such a romantic, these two really hit it off in that regard. Sadly, Haley stumbled in in the middle of their project and mocked him for making it. She thought it was dumb and that he was trying way too hard to win over a girl who didn't even want to be with him (because she was imaginary).

3 Andy Proposed To Beth Despite Having Feelings For Haley

We know Andy proposed to Beth because he felt like it was the right step in their relationship, but how could he do it when he loved another woman? Beth may have been pressuring him about starting a future together, but, after Andy had a talk with Phil about having feelings for another woman, he should have explored that option instead of rushing marriage.

At this point in the series, Andy and Haley never did anything physical yet, but it was clear his heart was with Haley, leading her on along the way.

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2 Haley Compares Andy To Dylan

Andy finds out eventually that Haley was at the beach that day, trying to stop his proposal. You can see he's gutted with emotion because he didn't know she felt that strongly for him. Once he proposes though, Haley gets back with Dylan and all is normal. But, when Andy stops over the Dunphy household a few pounds overweight, Haley assumes it's because of his torment over their lost love. And she's right.

But the two get in a battle of words where Haley compares her current boyfriend (Dylan) to Andy. "At least he knows what he wants and goes for it" Haley spits at Andy before storming off, agreeing they're better if apart. Woof.

1 Andy Stopped Acting Like Himself After Meeting Haley

You could say Haley and Andy got off on the wrong foot when they first met. As we know, Haley practically made Andy break the glass beer bottle by the pool, but Andy wasn't exactly the nicest, as he usually is. He treated Haley like she was dumb and that she was just a party girl who uses her grandfather's pool. While he wasn't exactly wrong, that kind of behavior and personality was weird for Andy! He typically handles crude people with a silly remark and carries on his day, but it was clear Haley struck a chord with him.

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