Modern Family Creator/Showrunner Leaving Fox Due to Fox News

Modern Family

Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan has announced his intentions not to renew his overall deal with Fox due to controversial statements made by Fox News anchors. This decision does not appear to reflect Levitan's opinions of the individual people he worked with at the network. Modern Family itself should not be affected by Levitan's plans.

Fox News has come under fire on more than one occasion over its decades-long existence as a cable news outlet, especially during the current administration of President Donald Trump. Fox News is famous for its conservative leanings, both when it comes to news reporting and editorial comment. Its hosts - both current and past - have also shown a willingness to say things on air that many find objectionable or outrageous.

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The specific incident Levitan takes umbrage with is one in which Fox News host Laura Ingraham compared the detention facilities currently housing the seized children of undocumented immigrants to "summer camps," saying he was "disgusted" to work with a network that would support such statements. Now, Levitan has promised not to renew his overall deal with the Fox TV studio, Deadline reports. Levitan made sure to commend some of the execs that he has worked with personally over the years, and claimed his time with Fox was mostly a positive one. Levitan also indicated that he might be willing to join some of those execs in their future endeavors away from the company. Additionally, he claimed that a potential sale to Disney or Comcast would have no bearing on whether or not he stayed with Fox, despite the fact that Fox News isn't currently included in the assets that are up for sale.

Modern Family

Despite Levitan's plans to leave Fox, fans of Modern Family (which airs on ABC, but is produced by Fox TV) have no need to worry about the fate of the show. Levitan promised that he is dedicated to the series and will see it "through to the end." That end is set to arrive pretty soon, as Modern Family's tenth and final season premieres this fall. Levitan also revealed his personal moral torment over working for a network that he believes supports racist behavior, while working on a series that was meant to promote inclusion.

Levitan joins Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane in recently voicing his distaste for Fox News, while simultaneously working for Fox. MacFarlane accused the network of telling viewers not to think critically about their news sources. He later followed up his plea for reliable, factual news by donating $2.5 million to NPR in support of journalism. One wonders if any further Fox employees will speak up against the actions of the company's news division.

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Modern Family season 10 premieres this fall on ABC.

Source: Deadline

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