Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Modern Family Characters

Who doesn't think Modern Family is the most feel-good show ever? And the reason why is probably all of the relatable and well-loved characters.

Since 2009, fans have been laughing at a crazy TV family: the gang on Modern Family, of course. It's hard to imagine a more hilarious group of people, from emotional and funny dad Phil and his tightly-wound wife Claire to Claire's dad Jay and his charming and hilarious wife Gloria. Over the years, the family deals with drama and tension and all of the emotions that come up as kids start growing up, but it's always got a light-hearted tone that keeps fans coming back.

Now that the show will end after season 11, it's a perfect time to look at the characters and see what their MBTIs are. Here are the MBTI of Modern Family characters.

8 Jay Pritchett: ISTJ

Ed O'Neill plays Jay Pritchett, husband of Gloria and Claire and Mitch's father. Jay's MBTI would have to be ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." He's a bit old-fashioned and never seems like he's in the greatest, happiest mood, but fans know that he loves his family so much.

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Jay's an ISTJ because he's "practical" and he's someone who "values traditions." He's not thrilled when things change, which is another personality trait of ISTJs. While Jay often seems like everyone around him is driving him nut sand he wants nothing more than to be left alone for some peace and quiet, fans know that he's a soft-hearted guy.

7 Gloria Delgado: ESFP

Sofia Vergara as Gloria in Modern Family

Sofia Vergara is wonderful as Gloria Delgado on Modern Family. Gloria is an amazing wife to Jay and mom of Manny. She's friendly, over-the-top at times, and very expressive. Gloria's MBTI is ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser." She sounds just like the official description: "People with ESFP preferences tend to be adaptable, friendly, and expressive. They enjoy life and being around people."

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It's tough for Gloria to realize that her son is growing up, and she loves him so much and is such a caring, awesome mom that it makes fans feel emotional, too. She just wants everyone who she loves to be happy, and she's a great character.

6 Alex Dunphy: ISTJ

When it comes to Alex Dunphy's MBTI, it would have to be ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." Phil and Claire's daughter, played by Ariel Winter, is considered to be the smartest person in the family. She's portrayed as a fairly geeky character who wears glasses and loves to study. ISTJs are "analytical" and "duty bound."

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Alex often acts like she has no idea why she's part of this crazy, wacky family, and she has a dry yet witty sense of humor. She's still loveable and a great part of Modern Family. It would be hard to imagine the show without this character.

5 Haley Dunphy: ESFP

Sarah Hyland plays Haley Dunphy, the hilarious ditzy girly sister of Alex and Luke and daughter of Phil and Claire. Haley doesn't usually seem to understand what people are saying to her, but she's just as loveable as the rest of the characters.

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Her MBTI is "ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser." Haley always considers herself to be the life of the party. She's a typical teenage girl who loves being popular and enjoys having a great dating life. She's particularly cute and funny with her boyfriend, Dylan (Reid Ewing). Like Alex, she may roll her eyes a lot and seem annoyed with her family, but fans know that she's actually a sweet person.

4 Cam Tucker: ESFP

Eric Stonestreet plays Mitch's partner, Cameron Tucker, who is absolutely hilarious and wonderful. Cam is one of the best characters on the show. Whether he's making a fancy breakfast with their baby girl, Lily, or getting into trouble in the most charming way possible, he's always fun to watch.

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There are many over-the-top personalities on Modern Family, so it makes sense that three characters would share the same MBTI. Like Haley and Gloria, Cam's MBTI is also ESFP. He likes being with other people and he's much happier in a group setting than when he's sitting at home by himself. Cam doesn't like "routines" which is another personality trait of ESFPs, and he's also "playful" and "outgoing." He makes everything feel much more fun, that's for sure, and watching him and Mitch together is so sweet.

3 Mitch Pritchett: ISTP

Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays Mitch Pritchett, who is definitely an ISTP or "Logical Pragmist." Mitch is great at staying cool, calm, and collected while his partner, Cam, gets super excited and tends to make a big deal out of everything. He's the perfect chill balance to Cam's outgoing personality.

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ISTPs are known for staying grounded when something is going wrong, which is exactly what Mitch does. At times, it seems like he can't believe that he's part of this crazy family since everyone is often freaking out about something... and that's so relatable since there is always one person like that in every family. Mitch is also more of an introvert than Cam and doesn't love being super social, which is a hallmark of ISTPs as well.

2 Claire Dunphy: ESTJ

Julie Bowen's Claire Dunphy is absolutely an ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer." Claire is the kind of character who gives the term "highly strung" a run for its money. She's easy to love beacuse she's kind but she's also "take charge" and "assertive" and "direct" like the official ESTJ description.

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Claire loves to be in charge of her whole family. She takes the perfect mom persona to whole new levels, and fans get the feeling that she really can never sit still. Whether she's controlling her husband, Phil, or pretending to teach her daughter Haley how to make cupcakes but really doing it herself, she's always in organizational mode. She does her best to keep her crazy family happy and healthy.

1 Phil Dunphy: INFP

Ty Burrell is perfection as Phil Duphy, Claire's husband and dad to Luke, Alex, and Haley. Phil is an amazing sitcom character. He brings the laughs, that's for sure, and many fans love his quirky sensibility.

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Phil is a real sitcom dad and he has the dad jokes and bad ideas to prove it. It seems like he's always making decisions that are well-meaning but are definitely going to get him into some trouble. When it comes to his MBTI, Phil's is INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." He's a huge idealist because he believes that things are going to work out, and he's very optimistic and happy. INFPs are described as "creative" and "curious" which is Phil as well. He's one of the fan favorites on Modern Family.

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