5 Best Couples On Modern Family (& 5 Of The Worst)

Modern Family is known for its hilarious portrayal of modern relationships. We get to take a look into the lifestyle of a gigantic family filled with big personalities, from the charmingly extroverted Gloria to the goofy-but-loveable Phil.

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Being a show that is all about relationships, it is no surprise that there has been a handful of romantic connections throughout all ten seasons of the series.  Some of the couples on the show are absolutely goal-worthy while others never really made any sense to us. What are some of the best romantic couples on the show? What are some of the worst? Let's take a look at the list below and find out.

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At first glance, viewers have rolled their eyes at Jay and Gloria as a married couple. Assumptions flooded the minds of not only Modern Family fans but from characters on the show as well. Those assumptions all involved the idea of Gloria as a gold digger and Jay using Gloria as his gorgeous trophy wife.

It makes sense. Gloria is absolutely gorgeous and much younger than Jay, while he is stinking rich. Claire even says she thinks Gloria is using Jay for his money at the beginning of their relationship, yet as the show went on we realized how in love Jay and Gloria truly are. The two prove that everything is not what it seems and you should never judge a relationship based on what you can only see from the outside.


Phil and Claire are another example of a couple on Modern Family who have more to them than meets the eye. At first, the two seem like your classic sitcom couple- A frigid wife who constantly rolls her eyes at her goofy husband. The husband always seems to be the same naive guy who just can't seem to grow up regardless of his age.

As the show progresses and we get to know the two more, the further we are able to appreciate the unique bond between them. The two are a perfect example of the notion that opposites attract. Phil appreciates how Claire takes care of him and grounds him, while Claire cherishes Phil's ability to bring fun and excitement into their life. Both balance each other out in the best way.


Let's face it - In the real world, Cam and Mitchell would be labeled as a toxic couple. The two try their best daily to one-up each other and they are constantly arguing over the most trivial things. Yet luckily, this isn't the real world. This is a sitcom. In sitcoms, comedy is derived out of conflict, and boy do they have a ton of it.

Cam and Mitchell's storylines are usually the funniest on the entire show, and that's saying something considering how hilarious MF is. They both share a love for competition and regardless of all their bickering, Cam and Mitchell can't seem to live without each other. Cam and Mitchell along with their daughter Lily are naturally set up to deliver comedy gold, and they never fail to leave us entertained.


Haley and Andy win the award as the ultimate one true pairing on Modern Family, by a landslide. Their chemistry is inevitable from the moment they first meet and it sticks throughout their entire relationship and then some. At first, Haley seems to be in denial about her feelings for Andy. For superficial reasons, she originally sees their relationship as one that could only ever exist in his wildest dreams.

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It isn't until he is engaged to another woman that she realizes how madly in love with him she is. Devastated to find out that he is engaged to someone else, she assumes there is no hope until Andy tells confesses to Haley that there's no one else he loves but her. Fans were crushed when the couple didn't end up together, and rightfully so. They truly had something beautiful going on, which leads us to our next couple...


Haley and Dylan aren't a terrible couple as a whole, but the fact that Haley chose Dylan over Andy is what makes them one of the worst couples on this list. Although they seem to love and accept each other, they're both too naive and childish to go through the daily motions of life together. At least when it comes to Dan and Claire, one of them is put-together enough to balance out the other's immaturity. With Dylan and Haley, two lovable idiots don't make a right.

Many fans complained about how Haley's choice to be with Dylan in the end completely ruined her character development and caused her to regress back to the character she was in season one.


Although Phil and Gloria were never a couple, they have always had a very strange and mildly creepy relationship. Phil has constantly been caught lusting after Gloria even in the presence of his wife, Claire. At one point, Phil lies to his old college rival named Glenn about Gloria being his wife just to impress him and make him feel jealous.

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Glenn says he always thought Phil would end up with Claire, who he always thought was insanely beautiful. Glenn mentions how he was extremely jealous of Phil back in college for being with Claire, and it isn't until then that Phil realizes how much he's lucked out with Claire. Took you long enough, huh Phil?


Alex and Sanjay dated for a short period of time on Modern Family. The two were originally rivals in their senior year of high school, both constantly trying to one-up each other over their school achievements. Yet as is frequently the case on sitcoms, the heat between the two wasn't just the result of mutual loathing.

Sanjay eventually came to the conclusion that he was attracted to Alex, and he told her this to her excitement. The two ended up dating until he eventually broke up with her because of the long distance between them while in college. It was probably for the best considering their relationship would most likely be extremely competitive.


Chris Geere and Sarah Hyland in Modern Family

Haley's relationship with Arvin was perhaps the most beneficial relationship Haley could ever expect to have. Arvin is well established and extremely intelligent. He is the kind of man who Haley could really learn from and vice versa. While Arvin can teach her wisdom, Haley can help Arvin learn to have some excitement in his life.

Perhaps if Haley and Arvin stayed together we would see a more put-together version of the oldest Dunphy child. Unfortunately, love turns us into fools resulting in Haley going for Dylan instead.


Poor Benny Boy. He still lives with his mother as a grown man and is forced to live every day of his life knowing that he has a Tasmanian devil tattooed to his butt. Yet for some reason, Alex can't help but find herself drawn to his childish ways.

Although she may get a thrill out of being the intellectual superior in the relationship, we seriously (seriously) think she can do better. But hey, we all have our own tastes and as this show has proven, opposites really do attract.


Sherry plays Manny's Canadian girlfriend on Modern Family. Their relationship has no spark to it, proving that the two aren't exactly Romeo and Juliet. Although they are nothing like the Shakespeare pairing, the one thing you could say they have in common with R & J is that Manny's parents cannot stand Sherry.

Gloria and Jay believe Sherry overstays her welcome and when she stays with them, she attempts to entertain the family with her god-awful improv performances. Nothing more cringe-worthy than watching her act out as a T-Rex playing volleyball...

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