The 10 Best Outfits From Modern Family, Ranked

The characters of hit sitcom Modern Family may be known for their wacky antics, but the Dunphys, Pritchetts, and Delgados sure know how to dress.

For 11 seasons, we got the chance to see how the Dunphys, Pritchett-Delgados, and Pritchett-Tuckers came together as individual families and as a unit. Fans love the goofy dynamic between Phil and Claire  — especially when they turn in to Clive and Julianna for date nights — and how they raise their three very different kids. It's also always fun seeing Cameron's antics with Mitchell and Lily. And the relationship between Gloria and Jay is what keeps the show so fresh.

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After a decade, we've seen this "modern" family in a variety of situations. From Halloween to school dances to vacation. And for as different as they all are, they have one thing in common: they sure do know how to dress. Here are just 10 of our favorite outfits from Modern Family.


Gloria Delgado-Pritchett is aware she's a beautiful woman. She knows the effect she has on men and sometimes uses it to her advantage. But at the end of the day, Gloria only has eyes for her husband Jay, even though people raise an eyebrow at their relationship.

Even Phil (who would technically be Gloria's step-son-in-law) can't help but admire Gloria from afar. In the scene above, the family takes a trip to Australia to celebrate the life of Phil's mother. And while hitting the beach, Gloria chose this neon number that was so perfectly fitting, we couldn't look away either.


It's obvious everyone has heart-shaped eyes for Gloria, but can we appreciate Claire for a second? The woman is stunning. Her wardrobe may not include as many tight-fitting clothes as Gloria's, and Claire may not show as much cleavage, but she is flawless. It's also so sweet how much Phil treasures her.

The outfit we're adoring is Claire dressed as her alter ego, Julianna. In a strappy little black dress, Claire looked classy and mysterious. This is also the episode when Claire fears Phil loved Juliana more than her normal self, which caused a very raw conversation.


Phil is a man of many passions and hobbies. He enjoys dancing, cheerleading, creating gadgets, and cheering on his alma mater's football team. Go, Bulldogs!

In the scene above, Haley eventually gets accepted to the very same college her father went to, so who better show her around campus than him? Now, we typically see Phil in tailored suits for his work as a realtor, but in this episode, we see him in a new light. The goofy dad wore a spirited hoodie and blue jeans, which we feel matches his personality better than a suit.


Modern Family has so many awesome Halloween episodes. Considering Claire has a deep fascination for all things scary and Cam loves to dress up, Halloween is a perfect theme episode for this group of kooky characters. In a more recent episode, Cam and Mitchell dressed exactly like Prince Harry and Meghan from the Royal Family. Cam's hat and dress is almost a shoo-in for Meghan, and Mitchell matches Harry with his red hair and military-style jacket.


Modern Family kicked off in 2009, which means we've really watched the kids in the cast grow up. Luke was once the youngest on the show and now he's a young man. And seeing him dressed as a risque emoji just proves how much he's grown.

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In "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook," Luke throws his first Halloween party and is hoping it's not the flop of the year. But with a costume like that, there's no way the party could have died down.


Since Gloria is so much younger than Jay, she's a relatively young grandmother to Claire and Mitchell's kids. And since she's around the same age as her "stepdaughter" Claire, Haley and Alex like to Gloria to her for help. In the looks department, Haley definitely looks up to Gloria for her sense of fashion. Remember when Haley started interning with a major fashion designer? Not only was she actually good at her job, but she dressed the part. Just look at her sweater with leather elbows and matching hat. She looks chic, fashionable, and like she knows what she's doing — which is a big deal for Haley


For viewers who have been watching since the beginning, it's been amazing to see the transformation each of the kids has had. From little kids to young adults, seeing Alex turn into a young woman has certainly been heartwarming.

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In fact, many fans have an issue with some of Alex's fashion choices, but we think it's because we're so used to seeing her in t-shirts and jeans. Seeing her in this low-cut number just reminds us that she's transformed into a beautiful young woman.


In the fifth season we finally see Cam and Mitchell get married. Once gay marriage became legal in California, we saw these two try to plan out the perfect proposal. As we know, though, they both kind of proposed at the same time and then the wedding planning began!

Their actual wedding day was a fiasco. But on the bright side, everyone looked stunning. Especially Lily. Her little flower girl's dress reminded everyone of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She also wore an adorable flower crown.


I think we can all agree that Manny Delgado is one of the most fashionable characters on Modern Family. He loves all things class, vintage, and being well put-together.

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He's been dressing in blazers since middle school, for crying out loud. And although we're used to seeing Manny dressing well, his Snowball outfit made him look like a distinguished young man. In a nice-fitting suit and festive tie, Manny brought together a serious and funny side to a night of fun.


Lily wasn't the only one who looked adorable at Cam and Mitchell's wedding; Jay looked very dapper. He always looks professional because it's the style he's most comfortable with. So, seeing him in a dark suit wasn't anything abnormal, but with the flower, white shirt, and tie, Jay looked the part of a happy and proud dad.

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